At a meeting at the CBF, Atlético and América join the Liga Forte Futebol do Brasil

The 25 Brazilian Serie A and B clubs that did not join the Brazilian Football League (Libra) met this Tuesday (28), at the CBF headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro, where they signed the minutes of the constitution of the Strong League. Brazil Football. With the formalization of the Statute, the group seeks a consensus for the creation of a league.

“I think a very important step has been taken today in Brazilian football. This movement shows a consolidation of principle, of values… Clubs that have been together for a long time with the same purpose. Today, the largest representative entity of clubs in league format in Brazilian football has the objective of making football more fair, democratic and egalitarian, for the good of the product as a whole”, said Marcelo Paz, president of Fortaleza.

The foundation of a new block comes after the 25 clubs showed dissatisfaction with the proposed division of resources, such as, for example, TV quotas, placed by the associations that make up Libra.

The newly created group is formed by: Athletico-PR, Atlético, América, Atlético-GO, Avai, Brusque, Chapecoense, Coritiba, Ceará, Criciúma, CRB, CSA, Cuiabá, Fluminense, Fortaleza, Goiás, Internacional, Juventude, Londrina , Nautical, Worker, Sampaio Corrêa, Sport, Vila Nova and Tombense.

Group is Libra dissent

While Libra proposes a revenue division in which 40% is done equally, 30% for performance and another 30% for audience and engagement – without very clear criteria on this -, the opposite group demands different values, with a division of 45%, 25% and 30%, respectively.

Libra, a block formed by Botafogo, Bragantino, Cruzeiro, Corinthians, Flamengo, Guarani, Ituano, Novorizontino, Palmeiras, Ponte Preta, Santos, São Paulo and Vasco, signed a document of intent with the proposal of Codajas Sports Kapital for the organization first and second division championships.

La Liga, which organizes the Spanish Championship, welcomes the possibility of raising R$25 billion a year for clubs. The other interested party is LiveMode/1190, a company that distributes Brazilian games abroad.

“Today, an important step was taken for the development of Brazilian football in view of the protagonism of clubs. We managed to reach a consensus on an initial governance model to advance in the formalization of the League and, from there, seek the adhesion of other associations and develop the models of commercial agreements. Obviously, we have a lot of work to be done, but the good dialogue between all parties makes us optimistic about the achievement of our objectives”, stated Guilherme Mallet, Legal Vice President of Internacional.

An old intention of the main associations in the country, the creation of a league of clubs has never had the way to get off the ground as much as it is now. That’s because in the agreement that guaranteed the election by consensus of Ednaldo Rodrigues to the presidency of the CBF, in March, the leader committed to giving freedom to clubs to organize the Brasileirão from 2025 – something that until then the entity rejected. (Estadão Content)

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