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Cristiano Machado Avenue with Waldomiro Lobo
Viaduct will be built at the intersection between Cristiano Machado and Waldomiro Lobo avenues (photo: Edesio Ferreira/EM/DA Press)

The City of Belo Horizonte has opened a tender for the construction of a viaduct at the intersection of Avenida Cristiano Machado and Avenida Waldomiro Lobo, in the North Region of the capital.

According to PBH, the construction on the two roads has a strategic role in Belo Horizonte’s road network, interconnecting important transportation axes in the metropolitan region, in addition to having the Waldomiro Lobo Metro Station nearby.

“The implementation of a viaduct on the site and the other complementary works will bring greater fluidity of traffic, better conditions for pedestrian and bicycle circulation and the requalification of the urban environment in the remaining areas”, said the city hall in a statement.

Merchant Vera Lucia has a shop on the site where the viaduct will be built and will need to leave the space. According to her, the city government went to the store about a month ago, but has not returned until now with more details.

“They came here and measured the store, but gave no further information. I have a sister-in-law who lives next door. The prefecture also went there to measure her house, but they only came once. We’ll see how it goes,” she said.

PBH has not yet returned on the situation of the population living in the area that needs to be expropriated for the work.


Location of the new viaduct on Avenida Cristiano Machado and Waldomiro Lobo
(photo: Edesio Ferreira/EM/DA Press)

The deadline for the construction to be completed is 720 days from the first Service Order. Companies interested in participating in the bidding must submit a proposal by 2:30 pm on July 21, according to the publication on Tuesday (28/06) in the Official Gazette of the Municipality (DOM).

PBH stipulated a ceiling value of BRL 117,609,128.36. This amount will be paid with budget resources from the Municipal Department of Works and Infrastructure, derived from the financing agreement of the Andean Development Corporation and Ordinary Treasury Resources.

The public notice is available on the PBH Portal and on the Federal Government Procurement Portal.

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