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Today, the Band’s biggest problem, the one that keeps everyone awake at night, is its commercial department. Attempts to put order in there, until they existed, in the bets made on names like Daniel Simões and João Binda, executives of the most respected in the market.

However, both of them, in just under two months of work, found that, given a situation that was already established, it would not be possible to change almost anything or meet any expectations.

By the way, register, they were very honest in making their positions available quickly.

And this is a problem that, to be solved, will require a series of other, profound and essential changes, which must go far beyond the simple change from one director to another.

The existing vices and commitments that have been made over time, without measuring the consequences, as long as they are not addressed, will not offer the Band the possibility and even the tranquility of operating normally.

And there’s no point in keeping or throwing a ruler up there, as has always been done, if your schedule, as a whole, doesn’t have enough support points.

Feet on the ground and courage, to do everything that needs to be done, are the only viable alternatives.

Care – 1

Due to the increase in cases of Covid-19, SBT’s Teledramaturgy, which had already made the use of a mask mandatory during studio recordings, also extended to external actors, including cast, support, technique and infrastructure.

Exception only, of course, for the actors in the scene.

Care – 2

Also on account of the measures being taken, the direction of SBT also issued an order, prohibiting any type of party or celebration on its premises.

Nothing that causes agglomerations will be authorized until further notice.

has a date

Band is planning for the 5th, next Tuesday, the launch of our channel, Empreender, based in Brasília.

Among its attractions, a daily national newscast at 7:30 pm, with a presentation by Millena Machado.

Record Island

Cast in the second season of “Ilha Record”, which premieres in July on Record, young actor Kaik Pereira was part of the cast of one of Gloob’s biggest hits, the series “Escola de Génios”, playing Isaac.

The production was licensed to 87 countries and was also shown on TV Cultura. In total, 6 seasons and 156 episodes.

whole list

Regarding “Ilha”, during a break from the last “Spectacular Sunday”, Record released the list of all participants.

They are: Solange Gomes, Ste Viegas, Whendy Tavares, Vitoria Bellato, Aline Dahlen, Jaciara Dias, Raphael Sander, Bruno Sutter, Kaik Pereira, Nakagima, Caique Aguiar, Fabio Braz and Kaio Viana.

it was

In TV Jovem Pan, since the beginning of its activities and without measuring possible consequences, the conflict of opinions among its commentators has always been encouraged.

It was understood that this would be an easier way to attract attention.

But behold…

This disagreement between the so-called talents of JP reached such a point, that it turned into a kind of war, in the air and out of it. There are even threats of prosecution of one against the other. It’s not a movie.

For example: Paulo Figueiredo against Maicon Mendes. One does not agree with the information given by the other. Where have you seen yourself?

final stretch

The recording of the third season of the series “LOL: Laugh, It’s Gone”, from Amazon Prime is coming to an end.

Tom Cavalcante continues in the post of presenter.

new command

Rio de Janeiro-based producer Renata Almeida Magalhães will assume the presidency of the Brazilian Academy of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts this coming Friday, July 1st.

Elected for the 2022-2024 period, she will occupy the position that, since 2018, belonged to Jorge Peregrino, becoming the first woman to head the most important entity in the audiovisual sector in the country.


Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares have already left Rio for São Paulo, to start the pilots of the “Encontro”, which will debut its new format next Monday.

“Bem Estar”, with Michelle Loreto and Valéria Almeida, will be one of the permanent features of the program.

today is her

Anne Lottermann, from “Faustão na Band”, is the guest of the “Programa de Todos os Programas”, this Tuesday, on the social networks of R7.

Live from 6pm. Will lose?

can’t miss

There is still a long way to go for Walcyr Carrasco’s next telenovela, “Terra Vermelha”, to go into production at Globo for the 9 pm slot.

But when it comes to casting, he won’t give up, once again, having a strong group of veteran actors.

Hit – Rebate

• With Adriana Esteves and Milhem Cortaz, the series “Os Outros”, for Globoplay, continues with its recordings at Globo Studios….

• … According to the planned planning, the works should continue until the end of August.

• Released in theaters on July 21, “Pluft, the Phantom”, directed by Rosane Svartman, has Tim Rescala responsible for the soundtrack…

• … There are more than 80 tracks, including the re-recording of three original songs from the play by Maria Clara Machado…

• … The cast includes Nicolas Cruz, Lola Belli, Thais Belchior, Arthur Aguiar, Lucas Salles, Juliano Cazarré, among others.

• Flávio Tolezani informed the column that he will continue in the cast of “Dom”, from Amazon Prime, in its third season….

• … The second one, with Gabriel Leone, fully ready, will be released soon.

• On July 8, from 12:30 pm, the “China Zone” will take place at Teatro Alcione Araújo, in Rio, which discusses audiovisual content in the digital world…

• … Among other guests, the presence of Lucélia Santos and Mauro Alencar.

• SBT returns with Libertadores da América, this Tuesday, 21:30…

• … Corinthians and Boca Junior, at Neo Química Arena, with Téo José, Mauro Beting, Emerson Sheik and Nadine Bastos.

• BandNews FM will interview coach Tite, of the Brazilian national team, this Tuesday…

• … The exclusive content will be broadcast live, at 11 am, during the BandNews Station and also on the Youtube channel (

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