Bank releases millionaire value to finance startups: see how to participate

Banrisul opens public notice to finance startups, learn how the application and selection process works

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The public notice to finance innovative companies and startups came out on June 20, via Finep. Thus, the first part of the project was launched at Instituto Caldeira, in Porto Alegre. The objective is to reach up to 150 companies that have annual sales of less than R$ 90 million.

According to Cláudio Coutinho, president of the institution, the initiative is part of a strategy to capture projects from startups, most of them from Rio Grande do Sul. The focus is to make access to credit possible through Finep (Studies and Projects Financing Agency).

Banrisul has five credit lines of the modality Inovacred (program aimed at supporting companies that present innovation projects).

Application and startup selection process

First, for companies interested in the project, registration must be made exclusively on the Bank’s website, between June 20 and July 30, 2022, free of charge.

As for doubts and queries, it is possible to contact us through the e-mail [email protected]

Startups must go through a stage of analysis and approval of credit and contracting not covered by the public notice. Therefore, guarantees will be presented after the project selection stage.

In addition, the operations will have a complementary guarantee from the FGI (Guarantee Fund for Investments), with 80% of the financing amount.


According to Jorge Krug, director of Information Technology at Banrisul, the public notice is innovative. This is said because it is comprehensive and has technical resources that allow for business with scale potential.

The director stated that Banrisul has updated its internal technology structure and that the desire to strengthen the infrastructure is common among the startups with whom the bank has spoken.

Lines of credit available to businesses

Check out the four lines of credit available in the notice.

  1. Inovacred: focused on projects for the development of new services, processes or products. In addition, it aims to improve products that already exist in the social or productive environment, in order to increase the competitiveness of companies.

two. Inovacred Express: program that supports innovative Brazilian companies and aims to facilitate access to credit for micro, small and medium-sized companies with a history of innovation.

3. Inovacred 4.0: supports the implementation and formulation of Strategic Business Plans for Digitization aimed at use in production lines, of services for the implementation of technologies enabling Industry 4.0.

4. Inovacred Automatically Connects: Finep program that supports innovative Brazilian companies that aim to induce cooperation between ICTs (Scientific, Technological and Innovation Institutions).

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