Boca fans arrested for imitating monkey and making Nazi gesture in the game against Corinthians | Corinthians

Boca Juniors fans were arrested for imitating a monkey and making a Nazi gesture during the game against Corinthians, this Tuesday, at Neo Química Arena, for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. The one who imitated a monkey is Argentine and lives in Brazil. The other is still under investigation.

Four more fans were taken to the Jecrim (Special Criminal Court) inside the Arena to be identified for racist gestures.

The arrest of the first fan took place after Corinthians showed a video with the racist gesture to police officers. The fan was located by the PM and taken to court.

The Boca fan who appears in the video above managed to hide and so far has not been found by the police.

Boca fan is detained for imitating monkey in the match against Corinthians – Photo: Henrique Toth

This is not the first time that Boca fans have been arrested in São Paulo for racist acts. In the game against Corinthians for the first phase of the Libertadores, an Argentine had to post bail to leave the police station after imitating a monkey in the stands of the Arena.

Boca fan is arrested for Nazi gesture in the game against Corinthians – Photo: Henrique Toth

In the second game, in May, in Argentina, more Boca fans appeared imitating monkeys in videos made by Corinthians fans at Bombonera.

Boca Juniors fan makes Nazi gesture in game against Corinthians

Boca Juniors fan makes Nazi gesture in game against Corinthians

As a result, Conmebol fined Boca Juniors US$100,000 (R$524,000 at the current rate).

Corinthians fan calls for an end to racism — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

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