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President Jair Bolsonaro said in an interview with a YouTube channel that he threatened to transfer a military doctor who resisted prescribing hydroxychloroquine to him when the head of state had symptoms of Covid-19.

In July 2020, Bolsonaro announced that he was infected with the new coronavirus (video below). As he said at the time, he took hydroxychloroquine, a drug he defends as a treatment for Covid-19, although scientifically it is proven that the drug is ineffective for this purpose.

Newsletter: Bolsonaro says his test for Covid-19 was positive

Newsletter: Bolsonaro says his test for Covid-19 was positive

Bolsonaro gave the information about the doctor’s transfer threat in a conversation with supporters, shown on a YouTube channel. Although it was broadcast on Tuesday, the president’s conversation with the channel’s members was recorded on May 24, according to the official schedule.

“I myself, when I felt the problem, I called the doctor. I said: ‘Oh, I have symptoms’. It was bad. Then he said: ‘You have all the symptoms’. [entrevistador diz então que Bolsonaro é imbrochável]. Well, it was a bit of a mess. And he said to me: ‘You have symptoms, let’s get tested’ “, he declared.

Then, according to the president, he asked for chloroquine to be prescribed, but the doctor resisted.

“I said: ‘Bring me that medicine’. ‘No, no, no’. ‘Military doctor, I’m a captain’. ‘No, no, no’. I said: ‘Bring the medicine because the exam… the result comes out tomorrow, it may be too late’. ‘Ah, but our protocols’. I said: ‘Bring the medicine or I’ll transfer you to the border now, democratically’. That’s it. I took it, and the next day it was good. , if you wait a little longer, it’s over,” Bolsonaro said.

At the time he had Covid-19, the president said he had a fever of 38 degrees. He also reported that he felt sick and tired.

During the pandemic, President Jair Bolsonaro defended the use of hydroxychloroquine and other drugs to treat Covid-19, contradicting scientific studies that demonstrated the ineffectiveness of these substances against the new coronavirus.

Bolsonaro also attacked vaccination against the disease, including childhood vaccination. He repeated that the vaccine is ineffective – which is false.

Bolsonaro even questioned the honesty of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) for having approved childhood vaccination against Covid and called those who defend immunization “vaccine perverts”.

YouTube removed videos from the president’s channel for violating the rule that prohibits the recommendation of chloroquine and ivermectin against Covid, since these drugs are not effective against the disease.

At least 10 of those videos contained mentions of chloroquine, according to a survey by data analysis company Novelo Data. The removal of videos on this topic began after an update to YouTube’s usage policy.

When accessing YouTube links, the message appears: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines”.

In addition to raising doubts about the effectiveness of vaccines and spreading false information about immunizers, the president has declared several times that he will not be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Bolsonaro says he does not need to be immunized because, according to him, he obtained antibodies when he was infected with the disease. But science recommends immunizing those who have had Covid.

Even so, in January 2021, Palácio do Planalto decreed 100 years of secrecy on the president’s vaccination card. The measure was a response to the request made, through the Access to Information Law (LAI), by the newspaper “O Globo” about data on doses of immunizations applied to Bolsonaro.

When determining secrecy, the government argued that the data on the vaccination card “relate to Bolsonaro’s intimacy, private life, honor and image”. At the beginning of last year, Brazil started the process of vaccinating the population against Covid-19.

In a social network, Bolsonaro responded to a user that, “in 100 years”, the reasons that lead the government to impose secrecy on “controversial matters” that involve him, such as the president’s vaccine card, will be known.

“President, can you answer me why all the thorny/controversial issues of your term, you put 100-year secrecy? Is there something to hide?”, asked Lucas Elias Bernardino in a post by Bolsonaro about legalizing abortion. “In 100 years you will know”, the president replied to the internet user.

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