Bus drivers and conductors carry out second strike of the month in SP

Sindmotoristas, a union that represents bus drivers and collectors in the capital of São Paulo, announced a new bus strike starting at 00:00 this Wednesday (29). The decision came after a meeting between workers and the employers’ union ended without an agreement on Tuesday afternoon (28).

The City of São Paulo informed that the municipal rotation is suspended. Cars with end plates 5 and 6 will be able to drive through the expanded center at any time. Exclusive lanes and bus lanes will be free for passenger cars while the strike lasts.

SPTrans, the municipal company that manages the bus service in the city, said it regretted the “untimely” strike decree by the Drivers’ Union, even before the judgment on the merits of the negotiation between employees and the employers’ union by the Regional Court of The municipal executive asked the Justice to increase the daily fine of R$ 50 thousand.

Also according to a SPTrans report, updated at 4 am, 62 lines at night were operating normally, while 88 were inoperative.

Relationship of companies with the Nocturne lines paralyzed
– Mobibrasil (South Zone)
– Black Cat (North Zone)
– Metropolis (East Zone)
– Grajaú bus (South Zone)
– Transpass (West Zone)
– Black Cat (West Zone)
– Southeast Via (East Zone)
– Santa Brígida (North Zone)
– KBPX (West Zone)
– Environmental (East Zone)
– Campo Belo (South Zone)
– Gatusa (South Zone)
– Metropolis (South Zone)

List of companies with the Noturno lines partially operating
– Sambaíba (North Zone)

Relationship of companies with the Nocturne lines operating normally
– Express (East Zone)
– Norte Buss (North Zone)
– Spencer (North Zone)
– Transunion (East Zone)
– UPBUS (East Zone)
– Peach (East Zone)
– Allibus (East Zone)
– Transunion (Southeast Zone)
– MoveBuss (East Zone)
– A2 Transport (South Zone)
– Transwolff (South Zone)
– Transcap (West Zone)
– Alfa Rodobus (West Zone)

New stoppage

It’s been two months of trading, with a stoppage on the 14th that affected 2.7 million people and caused inconvenience to residents of the capital of São Paulo.

“The bosses did not respond to the demands, and the strike is total,” he told R7 the acting president of Sindmotoristas (Bus Drivers Union) of São Paulo, Valmir Santana da Paz. The position differs from what happened in the last strike – at the time, the union stated that it would carry out the strike “responsibly” so as not to harm the population.

The court order obtained by the City of São Paulo also weighs against the widespread stoppage. The injunction determines the maintenance of 80% of the fleet operating at peak times and 60% at other times, under penalty of a daily fine of R$ 50 thousand.

On the 14th, the drivers managed to meet one of their claims a few hours after disrespecting the determination: the 12.47% salary readjustment retroactive since May. The extra expense was guaranteed by the city, which committed to releasing subsidies to bus companies to pay workers. The strike was then suspended so that negotiations could continue.

The drivers’ union argues that, in the following days, other requests – such as paid lunch, profit sharing (PLR) and career plans from the maintenance sector – continued to be ignored. Therefore, the group decided to announce another strike. These aspects were still under negotiation between workers and the employers’ union at the TRT (Regional Labor Court).

In a note, the SPUrbanuss (Union of Collective Urban Passenger Transport Companies) also regretted “another strike with terrible consequences for the mobility of the population” and recalled the determination of the Justice regarding the maintenance of the fleet.

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