cabins will have shows by Mumuzinho and Psirico; entry value

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Mumuzinho, psychedelic, Eva band and André Lellis are four of the attractions already confirmed, for the time being, for exclusive shows for the revelers of the Vital 2022. These presentations will be inside the boxes of the biggest off-season carnival in the Southeast, in Espírito Santo.

The super production will occupy the Sambadrome in Vitória on the 16th and 17th of September.

THE Pedro Permuy Column, who is not silly or anything, found that Banda Eva and André Lellis will be part of the program of the box Vix Na Vista on Friday (16). On the same day, Mumuzinho and Psirico will be on stage in the Gordinho box.

Other cabins will still be able to announce their own schedules.

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In addition to the VIP show for the cabin, Banda Eva is also a confirmed attraction for the trio of the mega party. The group will parade in the car on the catwalk of samba capixaba on Saturday (17). Léo Santana (the 16th), Durval Lelys and Harmonia do Samba (both for the 17th) are the other highlights of Vital’s agenda.

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Ticket sales, which would start this Tuesday (28), as the Victory sheet announced firsthand, have been postponed to the 4th of July. For now, only corporate cabins and lounges are for sale, as the event organizers announced on their official Instagram profile this afternoon (28).

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Lilian Moussallem, Giulia Moussallem, Pablo Pacheco and Romain Days, Vital’s entrepreneurs, also explained the dynamics of the event at a press conference this Monday (27). According to them, it will be more than 8 hours of party.


This Wednesday afternoon (28), Vital also announced the average entry fees for the event. In table, there is:


Vix Na Vista cabin: BRL 180

Gordinho cabin: R$ 160

Bero Cabin: BRL 140

Woods cabin: BRL 180


Vix In Vista Cabin: R$ 90

Gordinho Cabin: BRL 80

Bero Cabin: BRL 70

Woods cabin: BRL 90


Vix Na Vista cabin: R$ 120

Gordinho Cabin: BRL 110

Bero Cabin: BRL 100

Woods cabin: BRL 120


On Friday (16), there will be no block (entrance to the track) sold separately. All revelers will buy tickets for the boxes and, when the trio passes, whoever wants to will have free access to circulation in these spaces (block and box to buy).

On Saturday (17), it will work like this: whoever is going to enjoy the cabin and also wants to walk around the track when the trio passes, will have to pay R$ 80 more.

The fee must be added to the value of the cabin combo or the ticket only for Saturday (17) of the cabin, since on Friday (16) the pass will be released to the block area during the passage of Léo Santana, which is the first day show.

More information has been released on Vital’s Instagram.

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