Cannabis-based drugs will be sold in pharmacies

The Brazilian company GreenCare, will start selling medicinal cannabis-based medicines directly on the pharmaceutical market from the month of August.

The Brazilian company GreenCare, will start selling cannabis-based medicines medicinal directly on the market pharmaceutical from the month of August, when the sale of prompt delivery will end with the long wait for the medicine that is now imported directly by the patient.

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Currently, the company and most of the market bring this type of medicine to individuals in Brazil from outside. With 17 cannabis-based medicines, where they are produced by suppliers in Colombia, the United States and Israel.

They are stored in distribution centers outside the country, and arrive in Brazil through importation that is carried out by individuals, where they need to present Anvisa authorization. It is estimated that the market has around 75 thousand patients in Brazil, and the company already serves approximately 20 thousand. Once retail sales start, hopes are to double that amount by the end of 2023.

Talking about values, the importation of medicines today moves around R$ 250 million per year, according to information from the Brazilian Association of the Cannabinoid Industry (BRCANN).

According to information from the company’s President, Martim Prado Mattos, the company already negotiates the commercialization of medicines in retail with about five pharmaceutical networks and already has a closed contract. GreenCare also has approval from Anvisa to market three drugs in pharmacies and is seeking authorization for three more by December 2022 and another four for 2023.

Products that are already released for sale in pharmacies have cannabidiol and different concentrations of THC, a principle that has a psychoactive effect.

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