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He puts the fisherman out and demands an explanation from his lover, afraid that the plan that killed Clarice (Taís Araujo) will come to light.

To refresh your memory, we remember that Samuel and Clarice had an affair, and the fisherman was the last person to be with the businesswoman before she turned up dead.

Samuel tells how he saw Clarice for the first time in the fishermen's colony

Samuel tells how he saw Clarice for the first time in the fishermen’s colony

Samuel entered the story as a joke

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Regina (Mel Lisboa) tells Leo (Ícaro Silva) that the plan was closed with Angelo (João Campos), and that Samuel (Alejandro Claveaux) was joking into the story — Photo: TV Globo

She says the deal was done with Angelo, and that Samuel entered the story unintentionally.

“Angelo was supposed to do everything I asked, but Samuel got in our way. It wasn’t my fault, Leo,” she says.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Leonardo (Ícaro Silva) doesn’t accept Regina’s (Mel Lisboa) hesitation — Photo: TV Globo

Visibly upset, Leo doesn’t accept the fault.

“You and this Angelo there arranged everything and made a mistake letting another guy approach ‘her'”, he says, referring to Samuel and Clarice

“You’re going to tell your cousin to take the money I already gave him and run away. Or he’s going to meet his brother in hell.”

Regina is surprised by Leo’s tone, and he maintains his posture:

“If this guy opens his mouth and says what’s agreed with you, he’s going to cause his own death. Danilo can’t even dream that this Angelo knows everything.”

The scenes will air in this Wednesday’s chapter, 6/29, of Cara e Coragem.

29 June


Ângelo leaves cousin Regina’s house, and Leonardo demands an explanation. Moa tells Pat about Samuel’s death. Regina and Leonardo agree not to tell Danilo about Ângelo. Marcela authorizes Paulo to visit Ângelo. Anita despairs when she learns of Samuel’s death. Pat is jealous of Moa’s work with Pratini. Paulo finds Regina at Angelo’s house. Renan is interested in the proposal that Pat made to Olivia. Rebeca and Moa argue about Chiquinho’s custody hearing. Leonardo lies to Martha about his whereabouts. Pat reminds Moa to question Andrea about the photo with Clarice. Moa is surprised to see Andréa dressed in the orange suit.

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