Carmen Lúcia sees ‘gravity’ in Bolsonaro’s interference in an investigation at MEC | Policy

The minister sent for analysis by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) a request presented by deputy Israel Batista (PSB-DF) for the president to be investigated. Submission to the PGR is customary in this type of case. This is because it is up to the Public Ministry to analyze whether there are indications to open an investigation.

“Considering the terms of the report presented and the seriousness of the situation narrated, the Attorney General’s Office must express itself”, wrote Carmen in an order.

MEC officials reveal more details about the influence of pastors

MEC officials reveal more details about the influence of pastors

The Federal Police investigates the suspicion that pastors would have intermediated the release of resources from the Ministry of Education. On the 22nd, former minister Milton Ribeiro and the denounced pastors were arrested. A day later, they were released by court decision.

According to a telephone intercept made by the Federal Police, on June 9, Ribeiro told a daughter that Bolsonaro had told him “a feeling” that the former minister could be used to target the president. In the conversation, Ribeiro also talks about the possibility of being searched and apprehended, as it actually was, days later.

“Today, the president called me. He has a feeling again that they might want to reach him through me, you know?” Ribeiro said. Then the former minister says: “He thinks they’re going to do a search and seizure at home, you know? Well, that could happen, if there are indications, but there’s no reason to.”

Based on this and other recordings, the Public Prosecutor’s Office asked for authorization from the Justice to investigate whether Bolsonaro interfered in the investigations into Ribeiro. The case was sent for analysis by the STF, and the rapporteur is Cármen Lúcia.

Bolsonaro family lawyer Frederick Wassef said he was authorized by the president to tell the press that he “did not interfere with the PF” and that he has “nothing to do with these recordings”.

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To the Supreme Court, deputy Israel Batista argued that there are elements to investigate Bolsonaro.

“According to the Public Ministry itself, there are elements that would indicate the possibility of leaking the findings in the case, with possible illicit interference by Jair Bolsonaro. Proof of this is that, according to reports, the MPF requests the submission of a detailed report to the Supreme Court, indicating evidence of illicit interference in police and judicial investigations”, says the request.

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