Cat arches its back and chases away huge bear: ‘Naughty and fearless’

A man recorded on video the moment his pet cat fights and chases a bear that invaded the garage of the family home in British Columbia, Canada. The video was posted on TikTok, where it garnered thousands of likes and comments.

Brothers Gavin and Cameron Sturrock told local TV station CTV News that their cat, nicknamed Tigger, is known to be “mischievous and fearless” and has often been seen chasing neighborhood dogs away from their home.

He is of the Bengal breed (Bengal cat) and is two years old.

The brothers said they were loading their car with groceries and utensils, preparing for a trip, when a large black bear (Ursus americanus) appeared in the garage of their home in the Canyon Heights neighborhood of North Vancouver.

“I didn’t notice it right away, but my kitty was right here at the time,” stated Gavin. “He was two feet away from the bear.”

Gavin said he tried to get Tigger’s attention to get away from the bear, but the cat refused to obey its owner. The man then started recording a video on his phone.

The recording he later posted on TikTok shows the cat facing the bear as Gavin calls out to the cat. Cameron, who also watched the scene, said he was surprised when the feline arched its back and walked towards the bear, causing the wild animal to flee.

“I saw the cat chasing the bear, but there was no way to stop it,” Cameron said.

The brothers said that the bear had visited their neighborhood before, but that he hasn’t been seen since his confrontation with Tigger.

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