China delivers advanced frigate to Pakistan Navy – Air & Naval Defense

By Joe Sabala

China has delivered a second frigate Type 054A/P to the Pakistan Navy, giving a further boost to Islamabad’s maritime defense.

Call of PNS Taimur, the frigate is equipped with cutting-edge weapons and sensors to support maritime surveillance and combat missions. It also has the latest electronic warfare and combat management systems, making it suitable in multi-threat environments.

The new ship is expected to enable the Pakistani Navy to address emerging challenges to its maritime security and regional peace.

Earlier this year, Pakistan took delivery of its first of four Chinese-made multi-role frigates, the PNS Tughril.

Concerns about defective warships

Earlier this week, it was reported that Pakistan is experiencing serious mechanical problems with some warships developed by Chinese companies.

A recent analysis by revealed that Chinese-made frigates are ineffective at hitting targets due to faulty onboard missile systems.

The frigates’ engines were also faulty, adversely affecting operational speed.


SOURCE: The Defensepost

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