Country creates 277,000 formal jobs in May, but average salary drops – 06/28/2022

Brazil opened 277,018 formal jobs in May, according to data from the Caged (General Registry of Employed and Unemployed) released today by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The number is the difference between 1,960,960 new hires and 1,683,942 dismissals registered in the month.

This is the fifth straight month up, but the average admission salary has fallen. In May, the new hire received an average of R$ 1,898.02, a reduction of 0.94% in relation to the previous month.

The stock, which is the total amount of active bonds by the CLT, reached 41,729,858 bonds, up 0.67% compared to the stock of the previous month.

In 2022, the balance is 1,051,503 jobs, resulting from 9,693,109 admissions and 8,641,606 dismissals.

The Ministry also revised upward the April balance, from 196,966 to 197,443 jobs.

All sectors had a positive balance

All sectors had a positive balance in the month, says the federal government. The services area was the one that opened the most posts, with 120,294 new contracts.

See the results below:

  • Services: 120,294 new vacancies;
  • Trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles: 47,557 new vacancies;
  • General industry: 46,975 new vacancies;
  • Construction: 25,341 new vacancies;
  • Agriculture, livestock, forestry production, fishing and aquaculture: 26,747 new vacancies.

Division by region

In the division by Brazilian regions, the five showed a positive balance in the generation of new vacancies, with the Southeast region with the highest number of new vacancies, and the Central-West region with the highest growth. See the results below:

  • Southeast (+147,846 posts, +0.69%);
  • Northeast (+48,847 jobs, +0.73%);
  • Midwest (+33,978 posts, +0.94%);
  • South (+25,585 stations, +0.33%);
  • North (+16,091 stations, +0.82%).

average salary drops

According to data released today by the government, the average admission salary in May was R$ 1,898.02 in the national territory. Compared to the previous month, there was a real decrease of R$ 18.05, a decrease of 0.94%.

Four of the five sectors recorded a drop in wages. The only one with positive variation was construction. Below is the relative variation of the average salary by sector:

  • Construction: BRL 1,950.68 (+0.98%);
  • Trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles: R$ 1,645.35 (-0.47%);
  • Services: BRL 2,030.66 (-0.79%);
  • Agriculture, livestock, forestry production, fishing and aquaculture: R$ 1,659.94 (-1.74%);
  • General industry: R$ 1,934.51 (-1.81%);

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