Diablo Immortal: Character at most can cost almost R$ 3 million

Immortal Diablo was released for mobile devices in early June and received a lot of praise for its mechanics and graphics. On the other hand, the game has suffered criticism because of microtransactions, which can end up forcing the player to pay if they want to improve the character’s stats and weapons.

Previously, it was thought that to reach the maximum number of assignments it was necessary to spend about US$ 100 thousand (about R$ 520 thousand at the current price), taking into account the dollar value. However, the accounts have been updated and if a player wants to reach the top, he may have to spend more than US$ 540 thousand (R$ 2.8 million).

ShiftYourCarcass is the name of the user who re-accounted. He published in the reddit yesterday (26) showing a “hidden” mechanic. First, he explains that to level up to the max you need legendary gems.

Only the items are not purchased directly, being obtained in Elden Rifts, which are quests that reward the player upon completion. However, the gems delivered vary in degree of rarity and reaching 5 stars is a very rare feat.

To reach the maximum level in Immortal Diablo, it was believed that you had to find 6 5-star gems. However, ShiftYourCarcass pointed to the existence of the “awakening” process, which gives items an additional 5 gem slots.

That is, instead of 6 5-star gems, it actually takes 36 gems to occupy all the slots.

the new account

With a total of 36 5-star gems to reach the maximum level, the account has been redone. To be lucky enough to find a max-level gem in the Elden Rifts, you’ll need to buy legendary crests, which cost $2.50 each.

It is possible to use 10 of these crests at a time, which gives a result of US$ 25 (R$ 130) for one attempt. However, even then, the odds are still low, making it take hundreds (or thousands) of attempts to get a 5-star gem.

The other side of the bill is explained by ShiftYourCarcass, who says that it is necessary to use eternal orbs, which are paid, to awaken the gems. All in all, a player would need around $15,000 to unlock each of the 36 5-star gems, for a total of $540,000.

O kotaku tried to contact Blizzard to address the matter, but the company did not respond. And you, are you enjoying Diablo Immortal? What do you think of microtransactions? Leave your comment on Voxel’s Twitter!

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