Falcão is the new responsible for Iran’s career

Falcão, one of the biggest names in futsal history, is the new responsible for the career of Iran Ferreira, better known as Luva de Pedreiro. In addition, the eternal number 12 will also take care of the influencer’s friends, such as goalkeeper and cruiser Luva — who helped Iran record the videos that went viral on social media.

The former player published a text on his social networks confirming that it was Iran who sought him out for help in the future.

“GET what’s yours! Thank you for looking for me and choosing me to help you! The world hugged you and your #Tropa @goleirodoluva @cruzadordoluva and so did I! ALL decisions will be yours and your family’s, because what is little For one, it can be a lot for another! I introduce you to good people and super professionals who will be with you day by day and will put everything on the table for you to decide! We don’t own you, we don’t have a captive chair for anything, any agency that has good things for Iran “Luva de Pedreiro”, will be welcome! Welcome, in the way and the way YOU DECIDE! #Gracasadeuspai”, wrote Falcão.

Falcão made it very clear in the statement that Iran will be free to make any kind of decision alongside his family.

Glove de Pedreiro has more than 33 million followers on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. He broke boundaries and is successful in all corners of the world.

Change of entrepreneur after troubled relationship

Glove de Pedreiro and his former manager Allan Jesus have had troubled episodes in recent weeks. During a live on Instagram, Iran Ferreira stated that she would take a break from her career, and stopped following the businessman the next day.

The controversy was reinforced after a text published on the website Metrópoles revealed that Luva had, in two bank accounts, balances of around R$ 7,500, considered negligible due to his sponsorships and the reach of his accounts on social networks.

In response, Allan Jesus said that the information was frivolous, and selectively ascertained.

A report from UOL Esporte of last Friday (24) pointed out, based on data obtained from the Board of Trade of the State of Rio de Janeiro, that the influencer does not have full control of the company created to manage his career and the resources obtained in advertising contracts.

Iran Ferreira’s share in Cara da Luva de Pedreiro Produções Artísticas SPE LTDA is 45%, as the text showed, while Allan Jesus and influencer Victor Melo, together, account for 55% of the company. Sought to explain the division of society, Jesus did not respond.

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