Fátima Bernardes tries to conduct an interview and gets scolded by Ana Maria Braga: “Calm down”

Ana Maria Braga and Fátima Bernardes had breakfast together this Tuesday morning (28). The chat about the changes in Globo’s programming brought together, despite the distance, Mais Você, produced in São Paulo, and Encontro, in Rio de Janeiro. The blonde scolded her colleague, who tried to lead the conversation. “Calm down,” she asked.

“It’s great when we’re working and there’s someone like you as a neighbor and a reference. I’ve said that and written to you a few times. I really have a huge admiration for his ability to speak to the public. For the strength you have when you say ‘wake up, girl’”, praised Fátima Bernardes.

The talk of the presenter of the Meeting was interrupted by Ana Maria Braga, who stopped the praise with a tug of the ear: “Look, breakfast is me with you! Calm! Presenter I know it’s a business…”. The blonde laughed, while her colleague put her hand over her mouth, but she was not intimidated and followed up with the compliments:

“Yeah, we like to talk, we keep talking… It’s because it’s really true, I need to tell you that! I am really delighted with his way of leading and dealing with people. I think that’s the coolest thing.”

Fátima Bernardes

Then, Fátima commented that her friend intends to continue using her catchphrase even with Mais Você airing later, as she reported in an interview on Monday (27). “We all need to hear your ‘wake up girl,’” she said. “Thank you, Fatima. I also have the same problem as you”, highlighted Ana Maria, laughing, referring to the chatter.

Personal life of Fátima Bernardes was the subject of the chat with Ana Maria Braga

Fátima Bernardes tries to conduct an interview and gets scolded by Ana Maria Braga: \

Points in the personal life of Fátima Bernardes, such as health problems faced recently, were also discussed in the chat. The former anchor of Jornal Nacional ended her marriage with William Bonner when she was already at the Meeting, in 2016. During breakfast, Ana Maria Braga recalled that she was with her colleague at that time.

“After 26 years of marriage to William Bonner, you have had a necessary and introspective time. I was fortunate enough to speak more closely with you at that time. Then life went on and today you show the happiness and love you have by your side with Túlio Gadêlha.”

Ana Maria Braga

Starting next week, the Meeting will be led by Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares and will be aired earlier, while Mais Você occupies the end of the mornings. Already Fátima Bernardes migrates to the command of The Voice Brasil, but revealed this Tuesday that she still doesn’t know anything about the work on Globo’s talent show.

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