Federal Police launch anti-trafficking operations in JF and other cities in Minas

The Federal Police launched two operations in Minas Gerais cities, including Juiz de Fora, this Tuesday (28). In one of them, named Forseti, the targets were investigated for corruption, drug trafficking and money laundering schemes. Five people, including three civil police officers, were arrested in the maneuver, which counted on the participation of the General Corregedoria of the Civil Police of Minas Gerais and the Public Ministry.

Operation Terceiro, on the other hand, aimed to dismantle a criminal organization, with operational headquarters in Juiz de Fora, linked to drug and chemical precursor trafficking and money laundering resulting from these actions. The Public Security Task Force, coordinated by the PF and composed of the Civil, Military and Criminal police, was in charge of the action, which resulted in the capture of four suspects. The PF did not say whether there were arrests in Juiz de Fora, but in the municipality alone, five cars, a motorcycle, a speedboat and a jet ski were seized. In the capital, a car and three motorcycles were collected.

In the case of Forseti, warrants issued by the 2nd Toxic Court, Criminal Organization and Money Laundering of Minas Gerais were carried out, seven of them for preventive detention, 20 for search and seizure, six removals from the public service of police officers, blocking of valuables in 23 bank accounts of investigated and involved, in addition to the kidnapping of 33 properties and several vehicles. The court orders were carried out simultaneously in Belo Horizonte, Contagem, Nova Lima, Ibirité, Sarzedo, Sete Lagoas and Juiz de Fora, mobilizing 76 federal police officers and 28 civilians. Balance released in the afternoon confirmed the total seizure of 17 weapons, 24 cars, two motorcycles and a quadricycle.

Asked about the result of the onslaught in Juiz de Fora, the PC’s advisory said it had no information on arrests or removal of police officers in the city, adding that the warrants were carried out in the capital and Metropolitan Region (Nova Lima, Betim and Contagem). “The action is the result of investigations related to the practice of crimes against the Public Administration, among others.” Also according to the PC, the arrested servers were collected at the Civil Police Custody House, where they are at the disposal of Justice.

Cars, motorcycles, weapons, jet skis and quadricycles were seized by Federal Police agents, and there was also kidnapping of properties and blocking of bank accounts (Photo: PF Disclosure)

‘Police officers received large amounts’, says PF

According to the PF, during the investigations of the Forseti operation, aimed at dismantling a criminal group involved in corruption, trafficking and other related crimes, “strong indications were found that police officers from the Police Station for Repression of theft, Robbery and Cargo Diversion ( Depatri), from PCMG, received large amounts to empty the investigative procedure on an individual arrested in the city of Ribeirão das Neves.” The aforementioned man would have been caught with 36 kg of cocaine inside a residence used as a kind of laboratory for the storage, preparation and cutting of drugs.

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“As determined, the negotiation involved both the release of the prisoner and the return of the illicit cargo seized to the criminals. The deepening of the investigations also revealed the involvement of the investigated police with other corruption, drug trafficking and money laundering schemes, in which there is the use of intermediaries, individuals and legal entities, to hide the values ​​obtained as a result of the crimes”, detailed the PF.

According to the police, the name of the operation “is related to the Norse mythological figure characterized by the representation of justice and inner knowledge”. The prisoners were made available to justice and will answer for drug trafficking, active corruption and money laundering. If convicted, they can serve up to 37 years in prison, in addition to the fine.

Traffic operational base in JF

According to PF information, the investigations into Operation Terceiro – named after the head of the criminal organization, meaning “third son” – began with the discovery of a corruption scheme in which the main target, through his lawyer, corrupted a police team. who had caught one of his drug processing laboratories, located in Ribeirão da Neves, in the Metropolitan Region.

“The investigations revealed the payment of a bribe of more than BRL 500,000 for the release of an accomplice and the return of the seized cargo. It was also discovered that the criminal organization traded enough chemicals to produce two tons of cocaine.” Records of asset and financial transactions of approximately R$ 19.3 million were also detected over a period of ten months.

In Belo Horizonte, Esmeraldas, Ribeirão das Neves and Juiz de Fora, sixty federal police officers and 16 military officers served three preventive arrest warrants, one temporary arrest warrant and 12 search and seizure warrants. It was also determined the blocking of values ​​in 20 bank accounts of investigated and involved, the kidnapping of a high standard property and of several vehicles involved in money laundering. The prisoners will also answer for drug trafficking, active corruption and money laundering, and can serve up to 37 years in prison.

Despite the coincidences between the two operations that took place on the same date, the PF did not make it clear whether it was the Third Party’s investigations that resulted in Forseti. Asked about this relationship and about possible arrests in the city, the PF advisory did not return with the clarifications until the closing of this article.

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