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Pedro Castro was eliminated in the last episode of No Limit 6
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Pedro Castro was eliminated in the last episode of No Limit 6

Anyone who has followed the adventurers of No Limit 6 facing unhealthy situations, such as hunger and cold, must imagine that at least there is a good reward behind so much effort. The truth, dear reader, is that the fee paid by Globo is low. And the amount is still diluted in three installments.

The column had access to the contract of one of the participants of the current season and found that Globo paid the amount of R$ 6 thousand to each player. The first installment was paid on May 25, a month after the network publicly revealed the list with the names of the 24 adventurers in this edition.

The contract is so tied up that the participant doesn’t have a chance to earn an extra penny during the show. Not even in the merchandising actions of the reality show sponsors.

There is a clause that obliges the No Limite participant to accept having their image linked to the brands and products shown on the reality show without receiving anything more for it. The contract also clearly states that the advertising revenue generated in the program will be 100% owned by Globo.

“All revenues obtained by Globo from any and all types of sponsorship, licensing, merchandising and commercial actions of any nature, on any platform (open television, closed television, digital platforms, etc.), whether from the original program or reruns, including advertising or commercial/video inserts (branded lettering) for the exhibitions, transmissions or any use of the Program, by any means or process, will fully revert to Globo, and the Participant shall not be entitled to any right or remuneration in this regard”, says the clause 3.5 of the contract.

The commercial ties are enormous. And participants are expressly prohibited from participating in any advertising action, even on their social networks, until July 9th. If they receive proposals from companies during this period, they must submit them to the commercial department of the broadcaster, which will evaluate the case.

If any company directly seeks the broadcaster to carry out commercial action with someone from the cast of No Limite, the participant cannot refuse the proposal. Then he will have an extra gain of R$ 10 thousand, regardless of the type of work that will be carried out.

Let’s suppose that Lacta, sponsor of the current season, wants to use a participant to star in a merchan within one of Globo’s programs: he will earn R$ 10 thousand for this action. If the proposal is for a publicity on the social networks of the participant, the fee will also be R$ 10 thousand. Any excess amount paid by the company will remain with the broadcaster.

The contract also says that although the relationship with the broadcaster ends on July 9, all participants must give priority to it in contracting for audiovisual works until December 31. Therefore, if one of the members of No Limite is invited to participate in A Fazenda 14, on Record, Globo can take the lead and cross the competition’s reality show.

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