Find out what will happen to Boca Juniors fans arrested during a game against Corinthians

During the confrontation between Corinthians and Boca Juniors, last Tuesday, three fans of the Argentine team were detained by the Military Police of São Paulo. O My Helm now explains the next steps after the crimes of racial slur.

Of the three fans, two were framed for the crime of racial slur and another for racism – the latter was the fan who made a Nazi gesture towards the Corinthians fans. For that reason, the fan can post bail.

All Argentines were taken to the police station and later to the Pinheiros Provisional Detention Center (CDP) 3. As determined in the custody hearing, which took place at Jecrim (Special Criminal Court), still at Neo Química Arena, the to the payment of R$ 20 thousand of surety (each). The situation was explained by public defender Rafael Vieira.

Bail payments can be made from 10 am on Wednesday. If they are carried out, the judge will issue the release permit. All will respond to the process – those who pay bail, will respond in freedom; otherwise, they will remain in the CDP.

As determined by the My Helma Boca Juniors fan will post bail for two of the three detainees at Neo Química Arena.

Who are the detainees?

In all, six fans of the Argentine club were taken to Jecrim, but only in three cases was there substantial evidence to be considered a crime. Thus, three other Argentines were released.

One of the three detainees is an Argentine homeless man who has been in Brazil for a few days. He does not appear in any video making racist gestures, but he was caught by security guards and Corinthians fans who were close to the visiting sector. The scene is recorded on the security cameras of Neo Química Arena. He appears in a video next to another Argentine fan practicing racist gestures – this one, however, managed to escape and was not arrested by the PM.

Another Argentinian fan arrested said he did not make gestures imitating a monkey. The “up and down” movements with the arm, according to him, would have been a provocation to the relegation of Timão, in 2007. Fans claim that it is a common gesture to provoke rival River Plate. Despite this, witnesses stated that it reproduced monkey sounds.

The last Argentinian arrested was caught performing the Nazi salute. The fan alleges that he blew kisses to Fiel and was almost released – until this moment, the only proof was a photo, which would not serve to determine the gesture. When the videos of Corinthians fans reached the police, he was detained with sufficient evidence.

The latter would be framed in a crime of apology, which would mean the impossibility of paying bail. However, he was charged with racism, which gives him the possibility of posting a R$20,000 bond and being freed.

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