First suspected case of monkey pox in Goiás is of a woman with no travel history and who is isolated in Goiânia, says Saúde | Goiás

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The superintendent of Health Surveillance of Goiás, Flúvia Amorim, also explained that the woman is well and that she did not need to be hospitalized.

“She had fever, injuries, swollen lymph nodes and claimed to have had contact with a person who had the same symptoms,” explained the superintendent.

Also according to Flúvia, the case is being monitored by the Epidemiological Surveillance of Goiânia. To g1, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) stated that the case was initially notified last Saturday (25).

“The samples were collected and sent for analysis at the Public Health Laboratory (Lacen). Differential diagnosis will be made for other exanthematous diseases, and after laboratory confirmation, the necessary measures will be taken”, explained the secretary.

The results of the tests that will confirm whether or not the patient has monkeypox are still awaited and, according to Flúvia, the expectation is that they will be ready by Friday (1).

Monkey pox — Photo: CDC/Brian WJ Mahy/Reuters

Fluvia also explains that the main work so far is to identify which contacts the patient had.

“She has no history of moving out of the state. However, she says that she had contact with a case that we did not receive notification of. Therefore, the municipality is carrying out an investigation to try to identify which contacts this woman had” , detailed Fluvia.

The Municipal Health Department of Goiânia reported that the person with whom the woman had contact is a resident of another municipality and showed similar signs.

Since then, the suspected patient has been isolated at home, with two other people she lives with, but who have not shown symptoms so far. According to SMS, everyone is being monitored daily.

According to the Ministry of Health, two cases were reported in the state. However, one has been ruled out and the other remains suspect. According to Flúvia, the first one notified did not meet all the criteria for defining a suspected case.

“If he does not have all the necessary criteria, he is not considered a suspect”, adds the superintendent.

According to the ministry, an individual who, as of March 15, 2022, has had skin rashes on the body is considered a suspicious case. Symptoms also include fever and swollen nodes (lymph nodes).

Microscope image shows monkeypox virus — Photo: Cynthia S. Goldsmith, Russell Regner/CDC via AP

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