Flávia Alessandra dispenses clothes in a click in the mirror after the bath and clothes the scene

Flavia Alessandra raised the temperature of the web by updating its social networks with a new photo. On her Instagram account, the actress appeared in a click in the mirror after her shower and caused an uproar.

In the records, she who always catches the attention of her fans and followers with her dazzling clicks, he dispensed with pieces of clothing and displayed his sculptural body.

In the caption of the publication, the blonde made a reflection through a poem: “For you, I take my clothes off. I show you my flaws. I tell you my secrets And I reveal my body little by little. For you I give myself as a true lover and woman. For you I show my being. I open the door of my soul. Decipher my stories and calmly I surrender to you… Poem by Desgarrada Delkarlton”, she said, which received more than 100 thousand likes.

Check out Flávia Alessandra’s post on social media:

Giulia Costa paid tribute

A few days ago, actress Flávia Alessandra turned 48 years old and received a beautiful tribute from her daughter and actress, Giulia Costa. In the report, the young woman regretted not being able to spend her first birthday close to her beloved.

“Mom, in 22 years together, this is your first birthday we haven’t spent together. I wanted to be with you, I wanted to wake up next to you with that special breakfast, then eat your favorite food for lunch, even if it’s not mine, because anything goes to see your smile, I wanted to have dinner with you and help you set the table to receive the whole family, because you love to receive people”, she said.

“I wanted to hug you tight, give you lots of kisses and say that there is not enough present for you because you deserve the world (but the world without evil). But I’m here at the beginning of a new cycle, nervous and full of longing, but very grateful for all the base and support you gave me. It comforts my heart to know that we will still have many days on June 7th to celebrate together”, she added.

Finally, the young woman expressed all her love for her mother: “I’m always by your side, may we continue to be even more friends, and may your cycle be full of health, sun, salt water and family! I love you, I wanted to give you a sea of ​​condensed milk and a whole world of orchids. Feel hugged, kissed and very pampered, I’m sure I’m being well represented there! I’m dying to look you in the eye! Happy life, happy day 7″, she ended.

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