Gasoline price may drop from R$7.39 to R$5.84 with changes, says minister

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachsida, said this Tuesday (28) that there is a potential for a 21% reduction in the average price of gasoline, which would go from the current R$7.39 to R$5.84 per liter. , with the proposals approved by Congress and the measures adopted by the government (a drop of R$ 1.55).

The data were presented to deputies at a public hearing in the Chamber. Among the measures included in the projections are Complementary Law 194/2022, which limited the collection of ICMS on fuels, electricity, communications and collective transport, and the measures on diesel taxation discussed in the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

The price of B S10 diesel oil has a potential reduction of 1.7% in the average of national prices, from the current R$ 7.68 to R$ 7.55 (or R$ 0.13). For ethanol, the potential reduction is R$6.1%, from R$4.87 to R$4.57 (or R$0.30).

The minister minimized the smaller reduction of diesel and said that it may appear that the effect of the measures on the price of fuel is smaller, but this is because federal taxes have already been zeroed since March.

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Regarding Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), better known as cooking gas, the data indicate that the current average price may drop 2.3%, from R$ 112.70 to R$ 110.07 (a drop of R$ 2.63). The minister was keen to point out that federal taxes on cylinders are already permanently zeroed.

Something ‘wrong’ at Petrobras

When talking about the change of command of Petrobras, Sachsida said that he considers that the great challenge of the state-owned company at the moment is “management”. He said that “everyone agrees that there is something wrong” with the company in the current model.

After being nominated by Sachsida for the presidency of Petrobras, Caio Paes de Andrade took office this Tuesday. Andrade is the fourth president of the state-owned company appointed by the Bolsonaro government in less than four years and replaced José Mauro Coelho at the helm of the company.

CPI and privatization of the state-owned

On the possibility of creating a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on Petrobras, he stated that the collegiate would have a more political focus than the technician, but said that the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) will support the decision. “The MME follows the law. If the congressional decision is by CPI, we will support it.”

Just like last week, Sachsida again said at a public hearing that it is time for Brazilian society to decide whether it wants Petrobras to be private or state-owned.

The minister cited the privatization of the Telebras system as an example and said that the process could generate more competition in the market. For him, competition generates “great gains” for consumers.

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