Harassment-CEF: at the altar of hypocrisy, bolsonarismo evokes the God of imposture – 06/29/2022

The situation of Pedro Guimarães, still president of Caixa as I write, has become untenable. He was last night with President Jair Bolsonaro and it was agreed that he will leave office this Wednesday. The wear and tear, in case of permanence, would be brutal. A report by Rodrigo Rangel published yesterday by Portal Metrópoles informs that Guimarães is being investigated by the Federal Public Ministry for sexual harassment. The investigation remains confidential. The case dropped like a bomb in Bolsonarism. One more.

The reporter spoke with some of the women who took forward the complaint against Guimarães. If what they say is true, we are faced with the classic profile of a harasser, who uses a position of power to try to obtain sexual satisfaction, even if – or especially because of this – at the expense of embarrassing the targets of his attacks – his subordinates.

According to the report of some women to the report, the approach was made during trips to deal with Caixa products, agreements and events. Guimarães recruited bank employees and sought to establish intimacy, especially when staying in hotels.

I transcribe an excerpt:
Beatriz reports that, in one of these situations, she was at the door of Guimarães’ room to deliver what he had asked for and, then, was invited to return in the sequence to “discuss her career”. “He said: ‘Go there, take a shower and come here later so we can talk about your career’. I didn’t understand. At his bedroom door. I said: ‘We’ll talk later, president’. I thought that was absurd. I wasn’t going to go into his room. I went to my room and panicked.” On another occasion, when answering the call, the employee found Guimarães wearing boxer shorts: “He opened the door with a pair of shorts, it looked like he wasn’t wearing underwear. It wasn’t decent. bad feeling”. “It’s hostile,” says Ana, another employee who reports having already been called at night to go to the hotel room where Guimarães was to deliver a cell phone charger. Beatriz claims that she has panic attacks when she is scheduled for new trips. “I’m terrified of having to work with him. I’m afraid of the person. Now I literally try to hide in the agendas,” she says. “Now, when I travel, I put a chair at the bedroom door. I’m afraid someone will knock.”
“If he has the power, you have to do it”

All the reports have as a background the power relationship and the position of command of Guimarães. “The position he puts himself in makes women very uncomfortable. If he has the power, you have to do it, you have to do what he tells you to do, regardless of what it is”, says Thais, the employee who says she was invited by him to go to the sauna and, on the same trip, received a pinch. “He arrives in a very invasive and embarrassing way,” he continues.

Coming from the financial market and son-in-law of Léo Pinheiro, the entangled former president of OAS, Guimarães is the most enthusiastic of all the top-ranking Bolsonaristas. I didn’t count the number of times, but he is certainly the champion in appearances in the president’s “lives” and an almost omnipresent figure in ceremonies on the most varied topics. He even considered running, but backed out when he received less than encouraging polls.

He has already ordered, following some secret recipe of motivational techniques, that Caixa employees do push-ups in public, in a style, shall we say, martial. The Metrópoles report informs that he likes to walk down the 20 floors that separate his office from the ground floor and, on the way, he gathers bank employees, “invited” to follow him. If it weren’t for sexual harassment, it seems that it would be the case to discuss moral harassment.

At the end of last year, reports Metrópoles, a group of employees decided to break their silence and denounce the harassment. Five of them agreed to speak with the reporter. It remains for Guimaraes to say that he will leave Caixa so as not to harm Jair Bolsonaro and such and, of course, to defend himself.

Your situation is the worst possible. If the aggressive approach between equals in the hierarchy of work is already inadmissible, so much the worse when the harasser takes advantage of a position of power. The double political aspect of the event is exposed: a) the machismo, let’s say, structural, which understands that the woman can receive an undue onslaught because it is enjoyable; b) the woman as a target of the predator, who can do more.

Guimarães has always made a point of showing himself to be a root bolsonarista, one of those who do not hesitate to resort to guns. In his case, no less than 15! A patriot’s arsenal. Do you remember that ministerial meeting on April 22, 2020, in which the disorder that is the Bolsonaro government was evident, when the president then expressed, between profanity, the desire to control the Federal Police?

Well, there was the case of the wife and daughter of a parliamentarian who would have been detained by the police because they were swimming in Copacabana, although there was an express ban on using the sea due to Covid. Guimarães said what would happen if the episode involved his daughter:
“What the fuck is this? The guy goes to the van with his daughter. If it were me, he’d take my fifteen weapons, and I’d die. Because if my daughter went to the van, I’d kill or die. What’s that? swimming! She’s an Olympic athlete. You take the person, the person is swimming, at 14 years old. I have a daughter, Maria, 14 years old. If my daughter went to the van, I would either kill or die.

Look here: if the imposition of a police restriction, which was valid for everyone, would already lead Guimarães to use his arsenal, one can imagine what he considers fair that fathers, husbands, brothers and boyfriends — besides, of course!, of the victims themselves — do it with a harasser, won’t you? It would be preferable for the victims, for the Caixa and for the investigated that it was all a mistake, wouldn’t it? But unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This Tuesday, the then president of Caixa accompanied Bolsonaro in yet another event. Questions:
– Guimarães knew he was under investigation, right?;
– did he alert the president that he was under scrutiny by the Federal Public Ministry?;
– if you warned, Bolsonaro didn’t care?

Women, who make up more than 50% of the electorate, are among the categories that most reject Bolsonaro. 55% of Brazilians say they don’t vote for him at all; among women, this rate reaches 61%. According to the Genial/Quaest poll, 48% of women vote for Lula in the first round; only 24% choose Bolsonaro.

The Pedro Guimarães episode certainly doesn’t help Bolsonaro’s candidacy among women — and, with a minimum of shame on his face, not even among men.

This is a government that does not pay attention to the policies of reparation and defense of women. On the contrary, even: there is more than indiscreet misogyny. In recent times, the woman has only served as an adjunct to anti-abortion proselytizing — so brutal that scoundrels had the gall to treat an 11-year-old girl as a mother, not a child.

Bolsonaro will have to let go of Guimarães’ hand, or he will take him even further into the hole. The president’s friends have collaborated very little with his wishes. And not because things are invented against these patriots, but because they are, after all, what they are. They kneel at the altar of hypocrisy and pray to the God of imposture.

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