Hariany Almeida appears on the edge of the pool with a striking dug piece

Hariany Almeida drew sighs from netizens by sharing a new click on their social networks. On her official Instagram account, the former BBB appeared on the edge of a pool, wearing a summer piece dug in neon green. The record received more than 40,000 likes and thousands of comments.

“Coming soon”, wrote the cat in the caption of the publication. “What a beautiful place, no more than you, of course 😍”, praised a fan. “Beautiful ❤️”, drooled another. “It is not possible that besides what you have to be admired, you are still beautiful like this. 💞, said an admirer.

Check out Hariany Almeida’s social media post:

Resumed dating with DJ Netto

On the last Valentine’s Day celebrated on June 12, Hariany Almeida took netizens by surprise when she resumed her relationship with DJ Netto, after two years apart. On her Instagram account, the former BBB made an impassioned statement to the boy.

“When we least imagined fate decided to bring us together again, we were two years apart and when we met it seemed like a day ago, so many things changed but the feeling, the intimacy, was the same… you know when you don’t even know you liked the person so much?! but then when you get close you start to feel everything, you get that butterflies in your stomach, your heart races… I thought, I’m chipped, and then everything started to beat, thoughts… life goals, dreams, and then we decided to give ourselves another chance “, she said. .

“Our life was already good but it was just a touch away, and now it’s completely filled. And look at the irony of fate… us here on the 12th, coming out again, on the same day, just like the first time! Glad I found you to fix the past. Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy 12th, Happy Our Day! I love you so much,” she declared.

Talked about love life

Not long ago, Hariany Almeida made an outburst on her social networks about her love life. On her Twitter account, the former BBB said at the time that she was enjoying her single life and stated that she would kiss whoever she felt like.

“I’m single and I’m going to get whoever I want, people, I’m in a moment where I’m living regardless of what they say or not, because anyway they already talk so I choose to be happy and those most intimate moments will be totally off!. People, I read such baseless things, that I even people understand and draw conclusions from everything the way they want, right? I was so worried about making people understand me,” she said.

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