Hulk misses 3rd penalty with Atlético-MG shirt, all in Libertadores

When Hulk missed the penalty in Atlético-MG’s 1-1 draw with Emelec, at the George Capwell Stadium, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, the alvinegro fan soon remembered other matches in the tournament. continental. The games in question were the draw with Palmeiras and Boca Juniors, both in last year’s edition. After all, all the penalties missed by Hulk with the Atlético shirt were in Libertadores.

The first penalty not converted by Hulk was against Boca Juniors, in the round of 16 last year. After two goalless draws, at Bomboneira and Mineirão, Atlético and Boca decided on the spot in the penalty shootout. Galo’s number 7 sent his charge on the post, but that night he didn’t miss it. Alvinegro won 3-1 and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Hulk hit the penalty in the left corner of goalkeeper Pedro Ortiz, from Emelec, who made a good save - Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG - Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

Hulk hit the penalty in the left corner of goalkeeper Pedro Ortiz, from Emelec, who made a good save

Image: Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG

Also in the 2021 edition of Libertadores, Hulk missed the second penalty for Atlético and this one was sorely missed. Galo drew goalless with Palmeiras, at Allianz Parque, in the first leg of the semifinal. In the 40th minute of the initial stage, the Atletico striker had the chance to make it 1 to 0, in a penalty kick. But Hulk landed on the crossbar again.

The third missed charge was tonight, in the tie with Emelec. But if in previous attempts the ball was on the post, now it was the first time that a goalkeeper saved a penalty charged by Hulk since he arrived at Atlético. The feat fell to Pedro Ortiz, who avoided the goal of the Atletico triumph, in the 42nd minute of the second half.

Despite tonight’s mistake, Hulk has a high performance in penalty kicks with the Atlético shirt. There have been 22 penalties taken by him since March last year, with 19 goals scored and only three missed attempts. The count includes penalty shootouts with Boca Juniors and Flamengo.

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