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There is only one goal left for Hulk to reach Jô and become Atlético-MG’s top scorer in Libertadores. Against Emelec, he had a clear opportunity to reach the mark, but missed a penalty in the 42nd minute of the second half. The third lost charge at Galo, once again in the playoffs of Libertadores.

After the game, the striker replied to the post of TNT Sports who cited the ace’s record in penalties.

“I lost, but only those who hit lose. Next time I’ll hit again” – wrote Hulk.

Hulk at the moment of the penalty kick against Emelec, for Libertadores – Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético

The first time that the scorer wasted a penalty with the white shirt was in the duel against Boca Juniors, for the round of 16 of last year’s Libertadores. The player missed the first penalty kick. The second mistake was in the same edition of the tournament, in the first leg against Palmeiras, for the semifinal.

“Good draw, but the game wasn't that good”, says Carol |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Good draw, but the game wasn’t that good”, says Carol | The Voice of the Crowd

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In this Tuesday’s game against Emelec, the ace had the opportunity to break the tie that was 1 to 1 and put Atlético on the way to the first victory in Ecuador in history. He took the penalty with the right foot plate in the left corner of the goalkeeper, at half height. Pedro Ortiz made the save.

The striker also had other opportunities that stopped at the crossbar and also at Emelec’s goalkeeper. Despite that, it was because of his great pivot in the attack that Ademir’s goal came out in the first half.

Even with the missed penalty, Hulk maintains a high average of penalties converted by Atlético – 86%. According to Spy Stats, there are 22 kicks (19 in normal time and 3 in alternating disputes) and 19 goals. Of the missed chances, two were on the post and one was defended.

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