Iguazu Falls is elected the seventh main attraction on the planet

The natural attraction won the top 7 worldwide and first place in South America.

Iguaçu Falls was elected among the “Top attractions in the World” by TripAdvisor’s “Travelers’ Choice 2022 – Best of the Best”. The World Wonder of Nature ranks seventh overall, sharing the list with the Coliseum in Rome (Italy), the Eiffel Tower (France), among others. Visitor ratings on the international platform also secured first place in South America.

The largest set of waterfalls in the world, located in the Iguaçu National Park, in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), on the border between Brazil and Argentina, has been on TripAdvisor for years and has been a world favorite among travelers. This time, in 2022, the World Wonder of Nature won its best position in the world and continental shelf rankings.

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According to TripAdvisor, the survey “takes into account the quality and quantity of traveler reviews and ratings for experiences, tours, activities and attractions around the world over a 12-month period. It is the highest recognition given to establishments that are among the best of the best.”

The title of “Travellers’ Choice 2022” reaffirms that the Iguaçu National Park, in addition to being a reference in sustainable tourism and biodiversity conservation, is also a milestone in the lives of travelers from all over the world who visit and experience a unique experience with the Falls. of Iguaçu, from different angles and directions.

Among the highlights of the visitors, the leading assessments are: bathing in nature on the trails and walkways; the flight over the Falls with Helisul helicopters; privileged accommodation at the Hotel das Cataratas; the adventure with the Macuco Safari boats; and the keen senses of Brazilian food at the Porto Canoas Restaurant, overlooking the formation of the largest set of waterfalls in the world.

Foz do Iguaçu in travelers’ dreams – With natural, cultural, architectural and geographical attractions, the city of Foz do Iguaçu (PR), on the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, has been showing continuous improvements in the tourist offer of the destination. With a hotel network with more than 30 thousand beds (distributed between hotels, inns, hostels and hostels), the city is prepared to deal with the significant increase in the search and desire of visitors.

Complete list of the 10 best attractions in the world, according to TripAdvisor reviews:

  1. Sagrada Familia Church: Barcelona, ​​Spain
  2. Colosseum: Rome, Italy
  3. Empire State Building: New York, United States
  4. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  5. Gallerie Degli Uffizi: Florence, Italy
  6. Plaza de España: Seville, Spain
  7. Iguazu Falls: Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
  8. The Roman Baths: Bath, UK
  9. Garden of the Gods: Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA)
  10. Trevi Fountain: Rome, Italy

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