“I’m queer and I’m proud”

Tadeu Schmidt’s daughter makes an emotional outburst on social media and talks about her sexuality on LGBTQIA+ Pride Day

This Tuesday (28), Valentina Schmidtfirstborn of Thaddeus Schmidt, used their social media to celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Day. The young woman posed with a poster that said “I’m queer and I’m proud” and decided to comment on the date and how she relates to her life and sexuality.

“A year ago I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life. A decision I am deeply proud of. I am proud to have the freedom to speak openly about my sexuality.”started her on her Instagram.

“Proud to love whoever I want. Proud to have family and friends who support me unconditionally. Proud to be a queer woman. Proud to be me. No one will ever take away my right to love and be happy. Good luck to anyone who tries “continued Valentina.

Finally, the heir to the presenter of Big Brother Brazil wished everyone could find at least one reason to celebrate this June. “May this pride month have been wonderful for all of us”completed the brunette, using neutral language.


Bianca Andradealso known as Pink mouth, decided to put a stop to the comments generated after she declared having had a threesome. The statement gave something to talk about, since the name of the couple was also revealed: the influencer Marina Ferrari and her boyfriend at the time, Gabriel Roncatti.

“When you’re a man [confessando que fez sexo a três], no one cares. It’s okay and no one is scared. When she’s a woman assuming what she wants to do, she freaks out a little. But that’s not a public issue that I like to talk about all the time.” she told Marie Claire.

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