LG UltraGear dispenses with the use of headphones for games, but charges a lot

Anyone who enjoys games knows that playing with good sound quality makes a difference. And this is especially true for genres that use sounds to guide the player, such as shooting. This explains why so many people don’t need a headset when playing games, especially in online Fortnite, Counter-Strike or Rainbow Six disputes, for example.

But what if I told you that it’s possible to have a similar (and even better) experience without having to wear a headset?

This is the premise of LG UltraGear, brand new here. This audio system is a kind of “sound handyman”, which works on both PCs and consoles.

Tilt has tested and answers the two questions you may already be asking below. First: is it really a valid addition to the setup of those who enjoy games? And second, perhaps more thorny: is it worth the price of R$ 1,999?

LG Ultragear gaming sound system - Press Release/LG - Press Release/LG

LG Ultragear eliminates the need for headphones

Image: Disclosure/LG

Beautiful but spacious

The speaker has a very bold design, with lines that resemble a trapeze. The idea here is that it fits into the base of gamers monitors, which usually have triangular feet.

It’s already clear from the beginning: the best way to accommodate it is right in front of those who will use the PC.

The sound output screens, on the front, are illuminated by RGB LEDs, which you can configure through an application to decorate your gaming PC or complement the decoration of the environment.

LG Ultragear gaming sound system - Press Release/LG - Press Release/LG

LG Ultragear Control Buttons

Image: Disclosure/LG

At the top are the buttons to turn on the device; select the sound input source (optical cable, USB or Bluetooth); switch the output between the box or the headphone connected to it; and another three to equalize the result. There’s even a knob for the volume, which, when pressed, triggers the built-in microphone.

Behind, of course, are the physical connections: power cable (but there is also a battery, with an autonomy of about 5 hours), USB-C, headphones, input for optical cables and auxiliary sound output.

End-to-end, the UltraGear is 37.5 cm, 8 cm high and 11 cm deep. It’s not a giant device, but it still takes up space. Especially for those who are going to use it on a PC and still need to accommodate a monitor, keyboard and mouse in an ergonomic way (I suffered a lot myself).

LG Ultragear gaming sound system - Press Release/LG - Press Release/LG

LG Ultragear rear inputs

Image: Disclosure/LG

Shined in the Call of Duty

Regardless of the connection type, LG UltraGear can be used in two ways. The most obvious is as a speaker. The other is as a hub for plugging in headphones – and getting additional effects out of it.

In the first option, the novelty of LG is very good. Even being relatively compact, without additional speakers, it surprises by filling the environment.

To test, I chose Call of Duty: Warzone, a battle royale in which sound effects are essential to understand the direction of shots or the approach of an enemy, and Assetto Corsa Competizione, a racing simulator with high fidelity in the roar of engines.

Despite being used to playing with headphones, the experience with the UltraGear in “speaker” mode was quite satisfactory.

However, things got even better when I plugged in a headset. UltraGear becomes an additional sound card, turning any headphone into a 7.1 model. In short, you can identify the source of emulated sounds from any direction, not just the right or the left.

LG Ultragear gaming sound system - Press Release/LG - Press Release/LG

LG Ultragear gaming sound system

Image: Disclosure/LG

This feature was especially useful in the shooting game. In the racing simulator, it helped more with the setting than the gameplay itself. In both cases, however, the sound quality obtained was superior to that experienced with conventional headphones.

But you also don’t need to use it only with games. It can still function as a conventional sound box, to connect your cell phone via Bluetooth and enjoy music, for example. Or even as a mini home theater for your TV. In both cases, the audio quality remained exceptional.

It is worth it?

UltraGear’s biggest problem is the price. For a third of the R$ 1,999, you can buy a wireless headset from established brands and, in practice, get a sound quality that rivals that of the device.

Of course, a phone, by itself, does not accumulate some of the functions of this LG novelty (to serve as a sound box for cell phone music, for example). But it will already meet the wishes of most players (who probably already have some other device to listen to music).

Now, if money is no object and you want a multifunctional product, of excellent quality and that still helps to leave your gaming corner with a neat look, the LG UltraGear has everything to please.

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