Ludmilla blocks Luciano Huck, exposes ‘unusual’ reason and surprises netizens: “I thought it was…”


The singer told everything in the stories of her official Instagram profile

left photo  (Ludmilla's official Instagram).  photo right  (Official Instagram of Luciano Huck).
left photo (Ludmilla’s official Instagram). photo right (Official Instagram of Luciano Huck).

ludmilla (27) became a topic among internet users this afternoon, Tuesday (28), after reveal that he blocked presenter Luciano Huck (50) on WhatsApp. Brunna Gonçalves’ wife, a former BBB 22 participant, revealed the real reason for blocking Angélica’s husband.

In a print posted in the singer’s stories, it is possible to see that the presenter tried to contact Ludmilla, but soon afterwards she blocked him, as she believed it was a fake. Laughing, the singer wrote in the caption: “Guys, and I blocked Luciano Huck yesterday thinking he was a fake (laughs)”she said.

Then the famous shared an exchange of messages she had with the presenter on Instagram. “Damn, I was texting here to see if it was true. I thought it was a prank call”, admitted Ludmilla. Huck laughed and replied: “Synchronicity”. Then, the famous woman warned: “I will unlock”.

The situation amused netizens, who burst out laughing. However, the comments on social networks caught some netizens off guard, making them believe that something bad happened between the two celebrities.

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