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Maitê Proença came to the public to explain herself about statements about her girlfriend, Adriana Calcanhoto

This Tuesday (28), Maite Proença published a video on his Instagram to clarify the controversial statement he recently made about his relationship with the singer Adriana Calcanoto. For those who don’t know, the two publicly took on the romance at the end of last year.

Thus, in an interview with JP magazine, Maitê Proença stated that she would prefer Adriana Calcanhoto to be a man.

“I wanted her (Adriana) to be a man. For this activity I always liked men better. But she’s a woman, I like her and I accept that. I know feminists and LGBT people aren’t going to like what I just said, but honestly, that’s how it is, you know? I can try something different to be with her”, said Maitê Proença during the chat.

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As was to be expected, the actress’ statement reverberated in the media and became a topic on social media. Therefore, Maitê Proença published on her official Instagram profile a video explaining her speech.

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“Change into kids… Although I prefer men, I’m with a woman. Because I like her, the person. If she were a man it would be easier for me. But because I like her, I’m going to do this experiment. Being in a relationship with a woman speaks louder than those who accuse without reading, and hunt for controversies where there is none. What I have said is clear, and if read in full, without ill will, is complimentary to my partner. Peace and love”, wrote Maitê Proença in the caption of the video.

Maitê Proença justifies herself in a video on social networks (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Maitê Proença justifies herself in a video on social networks (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

In the recording, she still spoke the same words that were written, to clarify once and for all what she feels and what she said, hoping that people do not create controversy over her statement, as there are no reasons.

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