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Published 06/28/2022 15:59

Rio – After being accused of lesbophobia, Maitê Proença used her Instagram, this Tuesday, the 28th, to comment on a statement she gave in an interview with JP magazine. To the publication, the actress said that she preferred her girlfriend, Adriana Calcanhoto, to be a man.
“I did an interview where I was asked about my current relationship. And I replied that even though I prefer men, I’m with a woman. Because I like her, I like that person. If she were a man, it would be more easy for me, better known. But, because I like it, I’m willing to do this experience. I was accused of being lesbophobic”, began the actress.

“Now, being in a relationship with a woman seems to me to speak louder than the comment of those who cause controversy where there is none. What I said is clear. And if read in full, without ill will, it is complimentary with my partner. Peace and love”, he concluded.

To JP, Maitê even stated that her statement could generate controversy. “I wanted her [Adriana] were a man. For this activity, I always liked men better. But she’s a woman, I like her and I accept that. I know feminists and LGBT people aren’t going to like what I just said, but honestly, that’s how it is, you know? I can try something different to be with her.”

Maitê and Adriana have been together since the end of last year. Recently, the actress gave details of her sex life with the singer. “Now it’s much cooler, yes. Before, I was there investigating, experimenting a little here and there. I had to do a lot of experiments to get to a more free and relaxed place”, said the actress, to ‘Veja’.

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