Matias tries to prevent Heloísa’s marriage in Beyond the Illusion

It’s not today that Matthias (Antonio Calloni) harbors a hatred for Heloísa (Paloma Duarte), and did everything to hide the fruit of the forbidden relationship he had with her in the past, and being satisfied with his unhappiness, and now he will do another atrocity to leave her in tears. In the next chapters of Beyond the Illusionthe judge will try to prevent the marriage of Violeta’s sister (Malu Galli) in a desperate act.

Heloísa is a few steps away from conquering her much-desired happiness, as she finally managed to find her lost daughter for so many years, being someone she was already very close to and friends with even without knowing her blood connection, and now, her marriage to Leônidas (Eriberto Leão) is very close to happening and it will be one of the most beautiful moments of his life that has been suffered for a long time.

Leonidas saves Matias' life.  Source: Reproduction/Globo
Leonidas saves Matias’ life. Source: Reproduction/Globo
Leonidas saves Matias’ life. Source: Reproduction/Globo

Of course, Matias doesn’t want his sister-in-law to be happy at all, and to prevent the wedding from happening, he decides to steal the wedding dress and runs away, leaving everyone desperate. Leonidas tries to stop him from running away and ends up saving the judge from a fall that could seal his fate, and convinces him to collaborate with the marriage, as he was always by his side during the treatment, even if discreetly, he tried to extract some valuable information. his.

Now, finally, Heloísa will have some peace in her marriage, which is successful despite this attempt to make everything a fiasco. Matias will have to swallow all his pride and anger to accept his sister-in-law’s marriage and happiness.

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