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Maitê Proença generated revolt on social media when talking about her relationship with singer Adriana Calcanhotto, with whom she has been dating since last year.

“I wanted her to be a man. For this activity, I’ve always liked the man better. But she’s a woman, I like her and I accept that. I know feminists and LGBT people aren’t going to like what I just said, but honestly, it’s like that, got it?”, admitted the actress, in an interview with JP magazine.

Having already been the subject of a lawsuit for his statements, this was not the first time that a speech by Maitê ended up generating controversy.

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Adriana Calcanhotto and Maite Proença

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In November 2018, after being considered to take over the Environment portfolio in the Bolsonaro government, the actress published a video that was harshly criticized on social media and even by other personalities such as Gregório Duvivier.

“He (Bolsonaro) won because he was authentic, because he inaugurated a new form. Never in this country do you campaign with the truth, after so much corruption and robbery”, said Maitê.

“The common man wants security, a job and food on the table. He gave up human rights to have that. I’m not going to throw stones. So, that’s what we have. The people wanted it that way. Let’s hope”, asked the actress, who Today he criticizes Bolsonaro’s actions in the presidency and says he did not vote for him in the elections.


In an interview with Estadão in 2010, Maitê gave her opinion on the feminist movement and ended up criticizing the then presidential candidate, Dilma Rousseff.

“Women are still treated as slaves in Africa, Asia, Arab countries, in most parts of the planet. Only in the West has there been progress, a lot, but there is still discrimination. wild and saving us from Dilma”, asked the actress.

Years later, in 2018, Maitê reinforced that he considered Dilma’s election a mistake. “I wouldn’t have put her on. That was a rip-off for her and for the country,” she said in an interview with Folha.

Susana Vieira

Maitê ended up being sued by the mother of Susana Vieira’s ex-husband, Marcelo Silva, after commenting on her death in 2008.

“The outcome was almost a celebration. Susana got out of trouble. This guy was a disgrace. He wasn’t a companion. So many nice people die. When crap like that dies, it’s very good”, commented the actress, when she was still a part of from the cast of “Saia Justa”.

Maitê was acquitted by the Justice of Rio at the time.

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Maria Zilda

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Maria Zilda

In 2020, during the wave of lives that took place at the most critical moment of the pandemic, actress Maria Zilda nudged Maitê saying that she “loves money” and would only accept to participate in a live if she was paid for it.

“Has she been doing something constructive or just defaming the lives of those who always helped her? I couldn’t answer her when she invited me to a live and she became hateful. Or else she was bitten by a mad dog. Who knows”, he shot. Maite on the subject in a chat with Veja.


In 2016, the actress’ body was also the subject of much speculation after her stunt double in the soap opera “Liberdade, Liberdade” revealed that a scene that showed the butt of Maitê’s character had been made by her and not by the actress.

“No secrets behind the scenes are revealed, just as the magician doesn’t tell how he does the trick. It would be a spoiler, and unprofessional. A good stuntman knows this and remains reserved and discreet”, poked Maitê in “Domingão” at the time.

“My body is very satisfied. And that was nothing, just a butt in search of five minutes of fame”, completed the actress about the controversy, in an interview with Folha.

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Former Special Secretary for Culture, Regina Duarte, in a meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party)

Image: Isac Nóbrega/PR

Regina Duarte

An interview by Regina Duarte for CNN Brasil in 2020, when she had been appointed as Secretary of Culture of the Bolsonaro government, ended up inserting Maitê in a climate.

The actress sent a question for her colleague to answer during the program, but Regina completely ignored the video sent and abandoned the interview, accusing the network of being “digging up dead”.

“She assumed it was a thing of the past, wasn’t it. I’m absolutely alive. I was the first person to stand up for Regina having the right to think differently. But now I’m crying out for her to show off her accomplishments and to talk to her class.” I asked her, but she didn’t want to listen. That’s what we have for today”, lamented Maitê about Regina’s reaction to Veja.

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