MPF opens investigation against Caixa’s president to investigate allegations of sexual harassment

O Federal Public Ministry (MPF) opened an investigation to investigate allegations of sexual harassment made by employees of the Federal Savings Bank against the president of the institution Pedro Duarte Guimarães. The opening of the investigation, which is in progress under secrecy, was confirmed by the Estadão.

From a group of female employees, five women reported the bank president’s inappropriate approaches. The disclosure of the complaints was made by the website metropolises this Tuesday the 28th.

According to one of the reports to the site, an employee says that the president of the bank would have rubbed her buttocks. In another case, the executive would have invited another employee into his hotel room, to deliver what had been ordered, when he asked her to take a shower and come back to talk about her career in her room.

On another trip, according to the website, Guimarães would have placed his cell phone and his hotel room key in the pocket of an employee and said the phrase “I’ll put it in front of you”.

wanted by Estadão, the Federal Public Ministry stated that it does not provide information on confidential procedures. Caixa did not respond to inquiries from the Estadão until the publication of this report. The text will be updated as soon as there is a placement.

In a note to metropolisesCaixa informed that it is not aware of the allegations of sexual harassment against Guimarães and that it has protocols to prevent cases of any type of improper practice by its employees.

“Caixa is not aware of the complaints presented by the vehicle. Caixa clarifies that it adopts measures to eliminate conduct related to any type of harassment. The bank has a solid integrity system, anchored in compliance with the various prevention protocols, the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct, which prohibit the practice of ‘any type of harassment, through verbal or physical conduct of humiliation, coercion or threat’. , he informed, in a note to the website.

On Tuesday night, Caixa Econômica Federal reported that the speech and press conference with the bank’s president, Pedro Guimarães, scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, 29, were cancelled. The bank will promote an event in Brasília, at Caixa Cultural, to discuss the strategy for the 22/23 Safra Plan. In addition to making a statement, Guimarães would answer questions from journalists. Caixa did not provide the reason for the cancellations.

Push-up notification

At the end of last year, during a goals event, Guimarães asked Caixa employees to do push-ups. At the time, the ABC Bank Employees Union linked the conduct of the president of Caixa to that of President Jair Bolsonaro.

The Public Ministry of Labor in the Federal District notified Guimarães and recommended that the president of the institution refrain from submitting employees to cases of the same content and other ‘situations of embarrassment at work’, under penalty of opening an investigative procedure and adopting measures to correct the conduct, notwithstanding civil liability. , criminal and administrative’.

The text of the Public Ministry of Labor in the Federal District highlighted that the gesture consisted of psychological violence, having the ‘power of producing serious consequences for the mental health of workers’. / COLLABORATED MATHEUS PIOVESANA

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