New audio of Mason’s Glove leaks asking for help not to be watched

The LeoDias column had access to a new exclusive audio by Iran Ferreira, Luva de Pedreiro, which expresses the delicate situation that the digital influencer has been going through, in the imbroglio with his former manager Allan Jesus. In the recording, Iran questions how, where and when he should record his videos without raising suspicions for Allan.

“Explain to me these things in the video, please. I’m inside my house, otherwise he’ll suspect, you understand? Isn’t it better for me to stay in the ‘morning’ so he (Allan) doesn’t suspect anything? I’m inside. What do you think there, man? Tell me why I’m in a snooker here. ”, says the digital influencer during the audio sent to one of his contacts.


The column found that, in order not to cause friction with Allan – who is apparently watching the influencer closely – the owner of the catchphrase “Receive!” has been using other accounts on social networks to be able to communicate with the closest people, without the former entrepreneur having access.

As the LeoDias column has already reported exclusively, large companies such as Nike and Unilever have contacted the former entrepreneur of the web sensation, who has refused from official products to partnerships. Luva’s contract worked as follows: 45% to Allan Jesus; 45% for Glove de Pedreiro;10% for influencer Victor Melo.

Listen to the audio below:

Read the official statement from the former manager of Luva de Pedreiro, Allan Jesus:

“It is with absolute perplexity and deep regret that ASJ Consultoria, a company with vast expertise in the sports marketing segment, receives some news published in the press – which unfortunately highlights frivolous information, selectively determined, without any commitment to the truth of the facts.

ASJ and Luva de Pedreiro, with a successful track record so far, have a contract valid until the year 2026. If any of the parties effectively wishes to terminate the current contract, in addition to respecting the form agreed to do so, they must officially inform the other of your decision.

To date, ASJ has not received any formal communication and/or notification regarding any attempt to terminate the Luva de Pedreiro. The only thing we have are evidence spread across the internet and news that would account for a supposed new agency, which in theory could constitute a breach of exclusivity.

In any case, urged to manifest or demonstrate the regularity of its acts, ASJ will do so with great tranquility, opening all contracts, documents, extracts and whatever else is necessary to those entitled to it. Finally, we express our certainty and conviction that the truth, as always, will prevail”, he concludes.

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