New FGTS release can reach up to BRL 3,900

Every citizen who works with a formal contract has the right to the Temporary Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS). In this case, each month, the company deposits a certain amount in the worker’s account, which can be withdrawn in case of resignation without just cause or at the time of retirement.

Many workers see the FGTS as a way to change their lives at the end of a career. Others consider it financial support in times of distress. In cases of crisis, the federal government also releases the withdrawal so that people can have purchasing power and regularize the situation of the financial market.

In the month of July, the amounts that can be withdrawn by the worker must reach up to R$ 3,900.00.

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New FGTS withdrawal and monthly release

Many workers see the FGTS as a way to buy a new home, make a down payment on a new car and even open a business when they leave their jobs. However, there is a modality that releases monthly withdrawals from the Guarantee Fund.

The birthday withdrawal began to take effect in 2020, allowing workers to withdraw the values ​​annually from the accumulated in a given time of work. The amounts may vary according to what the account holder has, between R$500 and R$2,900. An amount of up to BRL 2,900 can also be added, according to the balance available in the account.

Annual withdrawal can reach R$ 3.9 thousand

For specialists, this modality is not so favorable, since accumulating the money can guarantee a higher income at the end of the job and provide better living conditions. However, if the amount is used to contain expenses or for some situation of financial need, this payment method can be a great option.

In this modality, the worker can redeem part of the deposited amount annually, in the month of his/her birthday. Now, with the new release in this modality, the worker can accumulate a value of up to R$ 3,900, according to the financial rate. So, check the best option for your moment of life.

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