New Hyundai HB20 is spotted a week before launch

New Hyundai HB20 spotted before launch.  Two units of the model are shown from behind, with emphasis on the new full-length taillights.

Flagrant of the new Hyundai HB20 reveals the new one-piece taillights
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The new Hyundai HB20 was spotted a few days before its presentation. This is the third restyling of the model, which will be applied to the 2023 line. The renovation comes to try to correct the disappointing look presented at the end of 2019. That year, the permanence of the old platform generated controversy as to whether the model was a new generation or if it was about a deeper restyling.

What changes in the new Hyundai HB20?

The front of the new Hyundai HB20 became much more interesting. The grille was divided, highlighting the lower part, a giant trapeze that gives the impression that the model is wider. The top grille bears the Hyundai logo. The headlights are also new, thinner and more horizontal. The bumper and hood also gained more aggressive lines.

New Hyundai HB20 spotted before launch.  Several units of the model are shown from the front, highlighting the new grille and headlights.
New grille and headlights give the impression that the new HB20 has become wider

At the rear, the controversially ugly taillights were replaced by a thinner one-piece set in the new Hyundai HB20. It may be that the bar that connects the lanterns is luminous. The new rear cover and the bumper, which received the reversing lights, also give the impression that the compact has become wider. Apparently the sides have not undergone changes, but should get new wheels.

Interior shouldn’t change much

Still without a catch, it is speculated that the interior of the new Hyundai HB20 will not change much. According to Quatro Rodas, the model will get a new steering wheel, in addition to a digital instrument panel and automatic air conditioning in the more expensive versions.

Check out the photo gallery of the current generation of the Hyundai HB20

Mechanical sets will remain the same as currently used. The entry versions bring the 1.0 aspirated engine, with up to 80 hp of power and 10.4 kgfm of torque. The more expensive versions bring under the hood the 1.0 turbo with up to 120hp and 17.5kgfm. There will be options with manual and automatic transmission.

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