Nubank credit of R$50 for new customers; see how to receive

Customers Nubak who will request the credit card (purple) for the first time they may come across a not-so-satisfactory pre-approved limit, whose initial value may be BRL 50. But why does this happen? Understand next!

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Overall, to clarify the reason for this low purchasing power, the digital bank explains that it has a credit algorithm that is constantly fed with new information about users. The tool helps the company make the best decision regarding the limit based on the profile of each customer.

Nubank card with a limit of BRL 50

Digital bank users usually report on the networks that received the Nubank card with only BRL 50 to spend on credit purchases. For those who don’t know, this practice adopted by the bank works as an incentive to credit for those who face difficulties in getting approval in this type of tool.

Customers with a low score, in debt or who do not have sufficient financial history in other institutions, for example, usually receive the Nubank card with a reduced limit, including this one of R$ 50.

The bank’s idea is to avoid financial risks, but at the same time democratize access to purple for more people. The positive point is that you can increase the Nubank card limit quickly following some steps.

How to increase the Nubank card limit faster: 5 foolproof tips

Here are some behaviors that can contribute to a faster increase in the Nubank card limit:

  1. Pay the card bill on time, that is, until maturity;
  2. Build a relationship with Nubank, in contracting other services (insurance, investments, points program, among others);
  3. Keep the income always updated in the digital bank application;
  4. Ensure that the name is always clean and away from the lists of credit protection agencies, such as SPC and Serasa; and
  5. Concentrate monthly expenses on the Nubank card.

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