Nursing council inspects hospital accused of leaking Klara Castanho information

Entity awaits release of documents to proceed with investigation and identification of those involved

Reproduction/Instagram/@sobrancelhaKlara Brown with short black hair and with her right hand at the height of her eyebrows
In addition to the rape she suffered, Klara Castanho reported being treated without empathy by a nurse

The Regional Council of Nursing of Sao Paulo (Coren-SP) stated that he attended the hospital accused of leaking the actress’s personal information klara brown, 21 years old, this Monday, 27. In a note, released this Tuesday, 28, the entity informed that it awaits the release of internal documents to proceed with the investigation of the facts and identification of those involved. The actress denounces a nurse, who would have approached and threatened to divulge to the press information about the delivery for adoption of a baby, the result of a rape. In an open letter, last Saturday, the 25th, Klara Castanho repudiated the leak of the story.

According to Coren-SP, although immediate responses are awaited, “caution is necessary so that there is no breach of formal procedures or the spread of more confidential information, preserving the victim”, he said in a note. The entity also completes saying that “it remains attentive to the unfolding of the case and valuing safety in the assistance to the population and for ethics and humanization in the professional practice of nursing”.

In addition to the Regional and Federal Nursing Council, the hospital where Klara Castanho was hospitalized said that it will open an internal investigation to investigate the facts. O Public Ministry (MP) also investigates the case.

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