On a day of terror, Tenório is arrested in a demonstration and Olivia is shot in the belly: “like an animal”

Olivia and Tenório in the novel Além da Illusion
Olivia and Tenório in Beyond the Illusion, Globo’s 6pm soap opera (Photo: Reproduction)

In the final stretch of the novel Beyond the Illusion, Tenório (Jayme Matarazzo) and Olivia (Debora Ozório) will end up going through moments of terror. This is because, during a demonstration for the end of the dictatorship, the ex-priest will end up being arrested and the girl will be shot almost to death.

Olivia will be one of the leaders of the march against the military dictatorship. “Attention guys! The time has come for the end of tyranny! Together we are strong! Down with the dictatorship! Long live freedom!”, the young woman will shout, encouraging the audience.

Meanwhile, Tenório will be distributing anti-government pamphlets. However, he will end up being arrested, unfairly, by the police. “Tenório Marques? He is under arrest for broadcasting subversive print material. They can handcuff them”, says Salvador (Jorge Lucas).

The former priest, on the other hand, will react with dissatisfaction. “Arrested because of a text in favor of freedom. Jesus taught love of neighbor, justice, but when a man wants to, he uses his own words against him. This authoritarian government wants to put the righteous behind bars like an animal! Devil!”, he yells, being taken to the police station.

Elsewhere, the demonstration will be on fire, with Olivia facing the police. “Attention, troublemakers! Marches are prohibited by President Getúlio Vargas. You have five minutes to disperse!”, will threaten the authority. “Hey! You cowards! We are unarmed!”, Olívia will scream, receiving a shot in the belly in the sequence.

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It is worth noting that Beyond the Illusion is written by Alessandra Poggiunder the general direction of Luís Felipe Sá and artistic direction of Luiz Henrique Rios.

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