Pantanal: Jesuíta Barbosa opens her heart, declares her love for Alanis Guillen and shoots: “it generated love”


Living the character Jove in ‘Pantanal’, actor Jesuíta Barbosa talks about his relationship with Alanis Guillen, the Juma of the 9 pm plot

Photo: reproduction of official Instagram Jesuíta Barbosa
Photo: reproduction of official Instagram Jesuíta Barbosa

Jesuit Barbosa, the interpreter of Jove from the novel ‘Pantanal’during an interview with portal Extra, from Grupo Globotold all about the backstory of the plot, gave details on how to deal with the intrinsic characteristics of his character who is not a traditional straight male and confessed his love by Alanis Guillena interpreter of Juma, her romantic partner in the 21h soap opera.

about the nature of Jovethe actor reflected: “There’s my background and there’s the female tone of the character. The interest ‘whether it’s happening or not’ [romance entre eles na vida real], I believe, comes from the doubt that both Jove and I generate in people’s minds. It is the inversions that created this desire, this fetish. Wants to know? I’m in favor! Each one with their fetish, it’s released!”.

And when it comes to the Alanis, Jesuit spared no praise: “She is a fascinating actress, with an unshakable presence and who listens to the scene, which is fundamental for it to work. I like to rehearse, but I love to improvise. We plot, change, switch to the hammock, go to the floor, play. And that generated love. Now, the camera is dating Alanis, right? I run away from her…”relaxed the actor.

O Jove from ‘Pantanal’ also opened up about the acceptance process with his physical appearance and confessed that he didn’t think he was handsome: “I don’t think I’m handsome, no! It took me a while to accept my thinness, even in our fatphobic society. I couldn’t take my shirt off in public. It was the theater that gave me physical individual freedom. Today I even like my strange beauty”.

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