“Pay attention”; Geromel loses patience with Grêmio midfielder, takes action and drives the crowd crazy


Even with the teammate’s carelessness, Grêmio beat Londrina 1-0 this Tuesday

Photo: Maxi Franzoi/AGIF
Photo: Maxi Franzoi/AGIF

Grêmio won another one in Série B. It was suffered, but the team led by Roger Machado beat Londrina by 1 to 0. As a result, Immortal remains in 4th place with 25 points. The good news is that Tricolor dos Pampas has already opened 4 points for the first team outside the access group for Serie A, Sport. However, not everything was cause for celebration throughout the clash against the team from the interior of Paraná.

In the first half, Geromel had to give his teammate Bitello a hard time. That’s because the young midfielder disarmed striker Douglas, from Londrina, however, the steering wheel stopped the play after seeing the referee make a gesture that indicated that there was an infraction in the play, however he did not whistle. But the Grêmio player put his hand on the ball soon after, and then the referee called the foul in favor of the Paraná team.

Geromel didn’t like his companion’s attitude at all, he grabbed him by the shirt and asked for more attention. The Grêmio captain later went to the young man. The discussion didn’t last long as on the next move he stopped a move to greet him. The disagreement ended up harming the team that saw Londrina set up a quick attack, but luckily for all of Grêmio, the flag of the match marked offside.

Geromel’s attitude stirred Grêmio fans on the web: “When Geromel took the bitello by the collar, I just wanted to hug this god on earth called Pedro Tonon Geromel”, joked a fan. Grêmio returns to the field next Sunday (3), for the direct confrontation against Bahia, at Arena Fonte Nova, in a game valid for the 16th round of the Brazilian Championship of Serie B.

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