Pedro Scooby, ex-BBB 22, helps seller on the beach after police confiscate merchandise


The surfer was caught helping the merchant on a beach in Rio de Janeiro

Reproduction/Gshow - Pedro Scooby at BBB 22.
Reproduction/Gshow – Pedro Scooby at BBB 22.

Pedro Scooby, ex-BBB 22, is in Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro, to follow the disputes of the World Surf League. While following the event, the surfer was surprised when some police confiscated merchandise from a vendor on the beach.

Upon observing the scene, the ex-convict invited the merchant to stay in his cabin, from which he enjoyed the day. “They’re calling there”, said the people who were on the beach. The man celebrated and the surfer was cheered by the audience.

According to information from UOL Esportethe location has “500 m², on a platform just above the sand level, and holds 300 people a day. Guests have snacks, such as fruit and brie cheese sandwiches and jam, and unlimited drinks. A DJ plays lounge music while the VIPs chat between one caipirinha and another. The organization has installed TVs that show the live broadcast of the drums.”.

Several netizens praised the attitude of Luana Piovani’s ex-husband on social networks. Since he joined Big Brother Brazil, Scooby won the hearts of internet users and the affection he receives from the public has remained, even with the end of the program.

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