Rafa Kalimann dispenses with all the clothes by posing with just a sheet

The presenter and former BBB Rafa Kalimann (29) lavished sensuality by opening a new photo album on social networks. This Tuesday, the 28th, she appeared totally without clothes in new daring photos.

In the images, the muse covered part of her body only with a white sheet and left her butt on display. “It’s just that today I vibrate at a different frequency (I’m much more mine),” she said in the caption.

In the comments, famous friends praised the brunette. “Rafaela, you are beautiful“, said Fernanda Paes Leme (39). “A goddess! Only“, said Giovanna Ewbank (35). “Beautiful“, he wrote Maisa (20).

Rafa Kalimann

Rafa Kalimann

Rafa Kalimann vents about the pressure for beauty

Recently, Rafa Kalimann spoke with Evelyn Regly on the Vaca Cast podcast and talked about her time as a model. She recalled the aesthetic pressure she was under. “I arrived at the agency and they had the tape measure in hand, today I see this and I think it’s absurd. They measure your hips every day to see if you’ve lost weight from yesterday to today, to see if they can really send you to a casting call, because if you have an extra centimeter you can’t“, she said.

And he added: “It took me a long time to reconcile myself to who I am, to my body, to feel comfortable with it, to feel friends with it again. It’s been many years of therapy“.

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