Russia Says It Bombed Kiev Missile Factory, Not Residential Area

Russia said it bombed a missile factory in Kiev on Sunday, calling reports that the attack hit a residential area of ​​the Ukrainian capital “false”.

It was the Artiom weapons factory that, “as a military infrastructure, was the target of the bombing,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, explaining that damage to a neighboring residential building was caused by a Ukrainian missile.

“Russian forces attacked civilian targets in Kiev = false,” the Defense Ministry insisted. The Russian missile “hit precisely the workshops of the Artiom factory”, he added.

The ministry also pointed out that the damage to the neighboring building was caused by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile. “The damage was not only caused from above, but also from below, which confirms the fall version” of a Ukrainian defense missile, he said.

This claim could not be independently verified.

According to Ukrainian authorities, one person was found dead and four others were hospitalized after the bombing, which took place at dawn in a neighborhood near the center of Kiev.

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