Sâmia Bomfim sends request for explanations to hospital

Federal deputy Sâmia Bomfim (PSOL) sent this afternoon an official request for explanations to the hospital that leaked information about Klara Castanho, who managed and gave up a baby resulting from a rape for adoption. The actress, who did not intend to make the case public, claims that a nurse threatened to leak the information that she did not intend to keep the child.

According to information obtained by splash with the deputy’s team, Sâmia’s office seeks to understand “what are the hospital procedures for the care and reception of patients whose pregnancy is the result of rape”; the procedures to ensure the confidentiality of information and the privacy of these people; whether cases similar to Klara’s happened to anonymous people; the relationship that the hospital has with columnists and journalists “saying gossip”, according to the official letter, when it comes to the care of public figures; and what measures the hospital took about the Klara Castanho case.

“The leak of information that took place inside the hospital is extremely serious. In addition to exposing the intimacy and suffering of a woman, exposing the violence to which she was a victim to public scrutiny, those involved violated a judicial process that was taking place in judicial secrecy. That’s why we are asking the hospital for information about the leak of personal data and we will follow the development of the case”, explained Sâmia.

By the time of publication of this report, the deputy had not yet received the answers requested from the institution. We will update as soon as this information is provided to us.

MP had already asked for explanations

The Public Ministry had already requested, yesterday afternoon (27), an investigation into the violation of professional secrecy by the nurse with the actress.

In a note, the Santo André Children’s Prosecutor’s Office reported that the entire procedure for delivering the newborn for adoption fully followed the procedure provided for in the Child and Adolescent Statute.

The MPSP investigation will take place in secrecy.

Abuse, pregnancy and exposure of Klara Castanho

The story began after presenter Antonia Fontenelle said in a live that “a 21-year-old global actress would have gotten pregnant and given the child up for adoption”. “She didn’t want to look at the child’s face,” Fontenelle said.

Although he did not mention Klara Castanho by name, netizens immediately associated the version told by Antonia to the actress. After Fontenelle’s statement had repercussions, dozens of netizens criticized Klara Castanho and pointed to the artist’s “lack of responsibility”. Even though they are not sure what happened, the actress was tried and attacked.

wanted by splash, Antonia Fontenelle only questioned: “and what do I have to do with it?”. In the networks, she published an account in which she classifies the story as “monstrous” and said that the donation of a child would be “abandonment of the incapable”.

In an open letter published on Instagram, Klara reported that she was raped and became pregnant, even though she took the morning after pill. Classified by her as “the most difficult account of my life”, the artist explained that she did not want to make the matter public, but since the adoption was exposed, she decided to speak out.

I cannot be silent when I see people conspiring and creating versions of repulsive violence and trauma that I suffered. I was raped.
klara brown

Klara did not report the sexual violence to the police because she felt “shame and guilt”. She believed that by “pretending” the episode didn’t happen, she “maybe forget about it”.

Continuing with the story, the actress highlights that she discovered the pregnancy after feeling sick and looking for a doctor. But the professional who attended her did not sympathize with her pain and the violence she suffered, even after revealing that she was raped.

Unable to raise a child as a result of rape, Klara Castanho opted for the donation of the baby she had and made all the legal procedures. However, when she had the child, she was allegedly threatened by a nurse, who wanted to make the case public through the press.

She also says that it didn’t take long for journalists to start looking for her, still in the hospital, to ask about the pregnancy and adoption, but, when explaining to them that the child was the result of violence, the reporters promised not to publish matter about. Until the subject gained strength on Twitter this past Saturday (25), after the columnist for the newspaper Metrópoles, Leo Dias, detailed the case in an article. Both the journalist and the newspaper apologized.

Several celebrities sympathized with Klara after the incident, including actresses Juliana Paes and Flavia Alessandra, singers Jojo Toddynho and Luisa Sonza and presenters Ana Maria Braga and Sonia Abrão.

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