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SPTrans has adopted some operational measures because of the strike of bus drivers and collectors that has been taking place since the early hours of this Wednesday (29).

The bus lines operating at Campo Limpo terminal were extended to Vila Sônia terminal to allow connection with the subway system. Lines operating at Vila Nova Cachoeirinha and Casa Verde terminals were extended to Barra Funda and Santana. A line from the Varginha terminal was extended to Grajaú, where there is a connection with the CPTM line.

The Atende+ service vans, which transport people with disabilities, are circulating normally.

Relationship of companies with the operation paralyzed in their garages

Santa Brígida (North Zone);

Black Cat (North Zone);

Sambaíba (North Zone);

Metropolis Bus (East Zone);

Environmental (East Zone);

Via Sudeste (Southeast Zone);

Campo Belo (South Zone);

Grajaú Car (South Zone);

Gatusa (South Zone);

KBPX (South Zone);

MobiBrasil (South Zone);

Metropolis Bus (South Zone);

Transppass (West Zone);

Black Cat (West Zone).

List of companies operating normally

Norte Buss (North Zone)

Spencer (North Zone)

Express (East Zone);

Transunion (East Zone)

UPBUS (East Zone)

Peach (East Zone)

Allibus (East Zone)

Transunion (Southeast Zone)

MoveBuss (East Zone)

A2 Transport (South Zone)

Transwolff (South Zone)

Transcap (West Zone)

Alfa Rodobus (West Zone)

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