Sony unveils new PC-focused monitors and headsets

Sony revealed, at an event this Tuesday (28), its new line of gaming headsets and monitors. Titled “Inzone”, the brand is described for “PC gamers”, but its products are also compatible with PS5 and even other consoles.

The Inzone M9 monitor will arrive this winter for $899 and offers 4K resolution with HDR, a 144Hz refresh rate and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology. The cheapest option is the Inzone M3, which will be released later in 2022 and costs US$ 529 (about R$ 2,786.72) – it has 1080p resolution at 240Hz.

For PS5 users, the M9 comes with the “Auto HDR Tone Mapping” feature, which makes the console automatically optimize the HDR settings — in short, the screen will highlight details of dark and bright areas in high-contrast scenes. In addition, the monitor will switch to “Cinema” mode when watching movies and to “Game” mode when starting a game.

Speaking of headsets, they reach up to US$ 299 (R$ 1,575.10, in direct conversion). The premium version “H9” comes with noise cancellation, 360º spatial sound and a battery life of 32 hours. The H7 model ($229) doesn’t have noise cancellation, but its battery lasts up to 40 hours. Finally, the H3 costs US$ 99 (about R$ 521.52) and is wired.

H9 Monitor and H9 Inzone Headset
Promotional image shows Inzone M9 monitor and Inzone H9 headset (Photo: Sony)

Full specifications of Inzone products can be found on Sony’s official website.

Sony acknowledges it was late to the PC market

In an interview with The Washington Post, Sony’s president of entertainment products, Kazuo Kii, acknowledged that the company was late to the gaming PC market. Now, he hopes to make up for lost time with the new items.

We’re not saying we’re not focused on PS5 users. But as we are lagging behind in monitors and headphones in the gaming segment, we believe we have a chance to catch up. [os concorrentes]. I believe that if elite players from elite companies say, ‘Inzone is great,’ we can catch up.

PlayStation’s focus on the PC market seems very clear at this point. In May, SIE CEO Jim Ryan said he expects half of the company’s launches to be for desktop and mobile by 2025.

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